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How Integrators and Business Leaders Can Help Unhappy Employees

The nature of hybrid work has been tough on a lot of workers, but integrators and small business owners may be able to help ease the burden.

D. Craig MacCormack · May 11, 2021

Crestron Masters Growth Continues, But Organizers Have Set Sights Higher

Crestron Masters 2021 attracts more than 3,000 virtual attendees, with organizers planning a return to a live venue for 2022.

D. Craig MacCormack · May 04, 2021

Why Good Service Is Such a Critical Component of Modern AV Integration

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant less project-based work for AV integrators, but that downswing has helped foster deeper and more meaningful relationships between customers and integrators.

D. Craig MacCormack · April 27, 2021

Is Your AV Business Prepared to Handle the Next Crisis?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, business leaders should already be taking stock of what’s worked this year and think about what they’ll do when the next big problem arises.

D. Craig MacCormack · April 26, 2021

RISE Spotlight Session to Highlight New Digital Signage Solutions

An upcoming RISE Spotlight session looks to highlight the myriad ways digital signage is moving out of corporate lobbies and malls into many vertical markets.

D. Craig MacCormack · April 16, 2021

How Social Media Can Help Foster Long-Term Relationships with Customers

Many integrators use social media to advertise their company, but business consultant Tom Stimson says social media can also help build long-term relationships with customers.

D. Craig MacCormack · March 22, 2021

What Integrators Can Learn From the Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich Wars

It may sound like a silly comparison, but McDonalds, Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A all take different approaches to pricing their chicken sandwiches. Which strategy should AV integrators follow?

D. Craig MacCormack · March 04, 2021

Use These Steps to Avoid the Pitfalls of Strategic Planning

NSCA Business & Leadership Conference speaker Michael Canic provides tips for how AV leaders can better execute their business ventures.

D. Craig MacCormack · March 02, 2021

High Performing Employees Are Not Always the Best Leaders — Here’s How To Help

It’s often hard to balance creating a healthy company culture while simultaneously growing and evolving as a business. Here’s some advice on how to navigate this tricky situation.

D. Craig MacCormack · February 03, 2021

Survey Suggests High-Tech Employees May Be More Productive in WFH Scenarios

Many employers may be quick to question the effectiveness of working from home, but if a recent study of employees is any indication, tech-focused employers may want to reconsider.

D. Craig MacCormack · January 15, 2021