Pros & Cons of Curated Smart-Home Ecosystems vs. Open IoT Platforms
Open smart-home ecosystems with extreme integration capabilities might look good on paper, but curated IoT solutions can improve user experience.
10 Reasons Why Silicon Labs’ Acquisition of Sigma is Awesome for Z-Wave

10 Reasons Why Silicon Labs’ Acquisition of Sigma is Awesome for Z-Wave

IoT chip-maker Silicon Labs (SLAB) to acquire Z-Wave technology owner Sigma Designs (SIGM), giving a big boost to the home-automation standard.
4K Ultra HD Hardware Far Outpacing Content, Research Shows

4K Ultra HD Hardware Far Outpacing Content, Research Shows

Futuresource research shows 4K TVs, set-top boxes and streamers from Roku, Apple, Amazon are widely accessible, but 4K content is sparse, and HDR suffers from lack of standards.

Revel Sound For Your Backyard And Beyond

4 Reasons to Install Biometric Access Controls for Smart Homes

Product Briefs: Bluesound Streams Amazon; PS Audio Updates; Luxul Updates; Honeywell Apple HomeKit

New Terra Speakers are ‘Pretty Dead’ Thanks to Concrete, Recycled Materials

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New Research: 2017 CE Pro Labor Rates Study

New Research: 2017 CE Pro Labor Rates Study

Integrators boost rates across all labor categories with installation labor hourly rates rising a healthy 13% over 2 years.
Now You See Tech; Now You Don’t

Now you See Tech; Now You Don’t

When a home owner wants to hide the technology required for a smart home installation — including those giant TVs — that’s where custom integrators shine.

Millennials, Amazon Prime Members to Drive CE/Smart-Home Purchases this Holiday

Ultimate CES 2018 Preview: Julie Jacobson’s Sneak Peek

CE Pro’s 2017 Ultimate Product Guide

Stamm Media Eliminates Chaos with Help from ConnectWise Platform

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10 Reasons Why Silicon Labs’ Acquisition of Sigma is Awesome for Z-Wave

IoT chip-maker Silicon Labs (SLAB) to acquire Z-Wave technology owner Sigma…

Yes You Can Turn Off Sonos Wi-Fi: No More Broadcast Storms!

Users hate that Sonos unleashes a Wi-Fi broadcast storm even if you’re not…

StratIS Now Monitors 200,000 ‘Smart Home’ Rentals for MDUs

StratIS Software as a Service (SaaS) allows thermostat, doorlock, IoT and voice…

19 Great Business Tips from 9 Smart-Home Pros

In a state where the road to recession recovery took longer than most,…

HDBaseT-IP vs. SDVoE: An AV-over-IP Standards Smackdown

HDBaseT-IP and SDVoE are competing for long-distance AV-over-IP supremacy, with…

20 Smart Home Technologies Way Ahead of Their Time

Home Automation and home entertainment products that coulda shoulda woulda had…

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When Zigbee and Zwave were first introduced, they had to compete with each other for audience. The technical specs were shown and studied. The tests showed that Zigbee had better power and better wall penetration. It may not seem like much today, with the mesh... — Adroit1 on Dec 09
Thanks for commenting, @Adroit 1. I’m curious why you say Zigbee is “technically a better platform.” I don’t know that it’s ever really been tested since most of the implementations are proprietary, or else the ecosystems are... — Julie Jacobson on Dec 09
As long as Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon refuse to agree on a platform, there will be major issues for all consumers wanting smarten their homes, and there will be job security for integrators who can make them all play together. But, it would be nice if... — Adroit1 on Dec 09
About 3 years too late — Blefadts on Dec 08
Thanks Julie. For the Z-wave products and any product in general, buying from companies that have a strong reputation for quality is the key.  That’s were the provider needs to ensure that any products they certify for their systems are known for... — antoniohardeman on Dec 08
Great comments, Tink and Antonio. Thanks for sharing. Antonio—I think Comcast and Amazon are probably balancing consumer experience and the their own business needs well. Far be it for me to judge. I’m happy to judge Lennar’s thing, though!... — Julie Jacobson on Dec 08
I couldn’t disagree more. Hub/Gateway manufacturers such as HomeSeer have proven that with the right platform, you can support every device without any problem. Z-Wave’s interoperability makes the device platform possible and the right platform for... — Tink on Dec 08

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