Savant Shows HomeKit-Compatible Smart Circuit Breakers, Circadian Lighting
Home automation company shows HomeKit-enabled circuit breakers, smart bulbs, DMX LED lighting strips, human-centered lighting at Lightfair 2019.
Best Buy Learns ‘Ton of Surprises’ from Total Tech Support Clients

Best Buy Learns ‘Ton of Surprises’ from Total Tech Support Clients

Best Buy’s Q1 revenues for fiscal year 2020 rise 1.1% despite effect of tariffs. Total Tech Support program offers better understanding of customer behavior.
Control4 Unveils New Smart Home OS 3 Platform

Control4 Unveils New Smart Home OS 3 Platform

Smart Home OS 3 is now available and can be experienced at any Control4 Certified Showroom during #C4Yourself day on June 13.

People & Places: JL Audio Hires Sinclair; TechBites Return; TiVo Plans Split Into Two Companies

Monitronics International Will File for Bankruptcy

Meridian Adds 11 Manufacturer Rep Firms

Arcam Launches SA30 Integrated Amplifier With Room Correction Tech

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What Integrators Can Learn From Best Buy

What Integrators Can Learn From Best Buy

The big-box retailer’s turnaround is rooted in retooling the customer experience. Companies serving higher-end clientele can take cues from how Best Buy created 15x multiple on…
Architect Explains Why He Doesn’t Bring in Integrators Sooner

Architect Explains Why He Doesn’t Bring in Integrators Sooner

Danny Forster, an architect, TV host, and Crestron Masters 2019 keynote speaker explains how he feels the relationship between integrators and architects should work.

Boccaccio: Don’t Leave Test Results of Eye of the Beholder

Promote Independent Living to Your Senior Clients; Profit With Smart Locks

8 Fixable Mistakes Integrators Often Make on Their Websites

3 Gaming Headsets Integrators Should Consider Stocking

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A Better Alternative to HDMI Over IP Systems

A Better Alternative to HDMI Over IP Systems

AV over IP is the go-to choice for many integrators when putting together a system for a bar, restraurant, retail store, or a multitude of other applications. But is it the best…
2019 Smart Home Special Report

2019 Smart Home Special Report

The meaning of the term “smart home” has evolved over the years. Our most recent Deep Dive research study delivers insight into where integrators see growth for 2019 and…

2019 CE Pro 100: Download the Full Report

2019 Outdoor Tech: Special Report

2019 Business Outlook for Integrators by Company Size

Yamaha Surround: AI Processing—Hearing is Believing

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CTA’s Gary Shapiro Rails on ‘Isolationist’ Trump Tariff Policy

CTA CEO Gary Shapiro tells Fox Business Network that new 25% tariffs hurt…

Experts Offer 5 Tips to Improve Your Audio Demos

Harman’s ‘Art of Listening’ panel offers 5 high-performance audio demo…

Control4, SnapAV CEO Interviews: Analyzing the Home Automation Merger

SnapAV's acquisition of Control4 will create a one-stop shop for professionally…

10 Ostentatious Loudspeakers from 2019 High End Munich Audio Show

Fashionable designs make these stylized loudspeakers works of art from Once…

Paradigm, Anthem, MartinLogan Brands Sold to Original Owner

Original owner Scott Bagby, along with John Bagby, have secured 100% ownership…

Big SnapAV, Control4 Merger-Acquisition: 16 Questions from JJ

Just prior to interviewing SnapAV and Control4 CEOs, CE Pro's Julie Jacobson…

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I tried to bring this topic up with my friends at Apparently this entire thing is my fault. — David Casemore on May 23
Some really good advice there, I’m dubious about point number 1 though. A lot of the top record producers strive hard to mimic analogue using digital. And some even switch out to classic analogue consoles too. — wayne on May 23
WRT his comments about the integrators making the client feel dumb, that can be avoided by interviewing the integrator before letting them meet with the client. Yes, time can be critical, but taking the time to get to know the integrator better sure beats... — highfigh on May 21
Really very helpful information — TechAdvance on May 19
On March 29, 2019, an article in CE Pro about the new Samsung line of TVs for 2019 said HDMI v2.1 compliance testing is not ready for many of the features listed in the Vanco v2.1 cables: HDMI 2.1 Developments + eARC Scott Cohen, Samsung’s senior training... — bobrapoport on May 11
I really don’t think the Episode speaker line and Triad really overlap that much, they really target different markets.  I see no reason they both won’t stick around.  There are plenty of speaker companies out there with multiple lines,... — ifeldman on May 10
Julie, you missed a HUGE overlap. C4 owns Triad Speakers. Snap has both contractor grade and their step up speaker line. I sure hope that either Triad gets spun off, or is run independently from Snap. — gregc on May 10

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