Home Technology Buying Groups: Comparing HTSA, HTSN, ProSource, Azione
HTSA, HTSN, ProSource and Azione are considered the leading buying groups and networking organizations for home-technology and consumer-electronics professionals. Should you join one of them?
Integrator Kris Hogg Reviews Neeo Remote: It’s Great if you Understand Limitations

Integrator Kris Hogg Reviews Neeo Remote: It’s Great if you Understand Limitations

Longtime CEDIA integrator Kris Hogg dives into Neeo remote and home-control system, saying it's a fine product with lots of promise if you temper expectations. Bugs with Sonos,…
Denon, Marantz Add DTS Virtual:X to Select AV Receivers

Denon, Marantz Add DTS Virtual:X to Select AV Receivers

DTS, a subsidiary of Xperi Corporation, is partnering with Sound United to incorporate DTS Virtual:X into select Denon and Marantz receivers.

Product Briefs: BluOS Updates; Amarra adds MQA; Kwikset, Amazon Key

People & Places: Panamax Names SFM; Peerless-AV Names Frey; AudioQuest Promotes Schuetz & Scatena

Perils of Being First: Emberlight Shuts Down Smart Socket Biz

Best Buy ‘Excited’ about In-Home Advisory Service for Holidays

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Millennials, Amazon Prime Members to Drive CE/Smart-Home Purchases this Holiday

Millennials, Amazon Prime Members to Drive CE/Smart-Home Purchases this Holiday

Parks Associates research indicates video doorbells will be more popular than voice-control products this 2017 holiday, and that millennials and Amazon Prime members will be key…
CE Pro’s 2017 Ultimate Product Guide

CE Pro’s 2017 Ultimate Product Guide

353 must-see products released in 2017 that help integrators achieve more revenue and profits.

Stamm Media Eliminates Chaos with Help from ConnectWise Platform

In with Fiber, Out with Copper: A Case for Rethinking AV System Design

Ultimate CES 2018 Preview: Julie Jacobson’s Sneak Peek

Steps You Should Take to Add Service-Based Revenue Streams

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Marriott, Samsung, Legrand Create First IoT ‘Smart Hotel Room’

Marriott's IoT Guestroom Lab uses IoT technology from Samsung and Legrand to bring voice- and app-controlled virtual…

Devialet Video Q&A: Bringing High-End Engineering, Unique Design to U.S.

Devialet’s Adrien Da Maia explains why the U.S. custom integration market is…

Inside Luxul CEDIA 2017 Booth: Full Domotz Demo

Josh Thurman of Luxul conducts detailed demo of useful features of Domotz…

Stewart Filmscreen Video Q&A: Elevating Screen Technology

Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen discusses engineering expertise behind new…

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Early Reviews of Neeo Remote Control: Gorgeous Hardware, Flawed Software

After 2.5 years of waiting, early Kickstarter backers unbox their Neeo remote…

Is This the Best A/V and Home Automation Showroom Ever?

Hanson AV builds ornate Cincinnati showroom with multiple home theaters, a smart…

Smart Home Communities – Smart Bet or All Hype?

Smart home community trend is taking off. What can manufacturers, installers and…

When the Customer says, ‘I Don’t Need Good Music Quality’

How do you convince clients they DO want good-quality sound for whole-house…

Answering 4 Big Questions about Voice Control

How do CE pros make money with voice control like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant…

Control4 Thrives in Q3; Plans to Cut Unproductive Dealers

Home-automation leader Control4 continues to break records in Q3 2017, and CTRL…

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Kudos to the entrepreneurs who take risks like Neeo.  Especially in an environment that has1,000,000+ devices that have no standards for control.  To put in perspective…. compare where Neeo is at now to SAVANT’s attempt in this market... — chrisconniff on Nov 20
yeah, I just saw that. For the procrastinators ... — Julie Jacobson on Nov 17
Julie, Apple gave a statement to The Verge that the Apple Homepod is being delayed until “early 2018”. — antoniohardeman on Nov 17
“Neeo is The Thinking Remote that Controls all the devices in your home”. Is it? A product that doesn’t even perform the intended function - even if it’s a Kickstarter company, is not a product. It’s a dream. I met with... — TheDarkKnight on Nov 17
Yes, yes, and yes. I’m in the process of testing this remote now for review, and I feel a bit better that others are having the same bittersweet experience that I am. Beautiful, though not necessarily ideally ergonomic, hardware with disappointingly... — Richard Gunther on Nov 17
@hmurchison, obviously I’m with Paul. It’s not something you need to scare your clients over. Dealers will already have mentioned that you should trust them to keep your network safe. It’s the answer to: Cameras are so easy, I can just do it... — Julie Jacobson on Nov 16
@hmurchison - hacking cameras or NVRs as a precursor to a break in is a pretty big “unless” particularly for the light commercial clients that many of us install far - bars, restaurants, offices, etc. Not to mention that it’s pretty easy to... — Paul Cunningham on Nov 16

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