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Pete Baker

Pete Baker

Pete Baker is a dynamic, sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of global experience, successfully maximizing product sales and driving revenue growth in the CE industry. He began his career as a licensed low voltage technician and contractor. He has worked on thousands of systems. He was the founder and CEO of Custom Home Integration, a leading installation firm that he created and later sold. Mr. Baker has had numerous successful roles in the industry: President of several leading Integration companies, Licensed Low Voltage Technician, System Designer, Programmer, Keynote speaker, CEDIA Subject Matter Expert, guest contributor for a dozen different publications worldwide, International Sales Manager for several CE Brands, and VP of Sales and Marketing for a major Control System Manufacturer. Now, Mr. Baker is the President of The BIG Corp, Baker International Group. BIG is a Global Sales Rep and Business Development agency, providing exceptional support to the finest brands in Consumer Electronics. He is also the founder of CE Business Academy, providing quality education to CE Professionals Worldwide. Check out his website here:

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