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Joseph Kolchinsky

Joseph Kolchinsky is the founder and CEO of OneVision Resources, a service platform that partners with integrators to provide high-quality support with a small-company feel with the sustainability, scalability, and profitability of big-company scale. If you're interested in taking your company's service to the next level, reach out to Joey at

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Is the AV Industry Ready For Technology-as-a-Service?

While establishing technology-as-a-service programs in the AV industry would be no small task, business owners should be well-versed in the benefits and drawbacks of the model.

Joseph Kolchinsky · November 20, 2020

What Integrators Can Learn From Best Buy

The big-box retailer’s turnaround is rooted in retooling the customer experience. Companies serving higher-end clientele can take cues from how Best Buy created 15x multiple on tech support recurring revenue.

Joseph Kolchinsky · May 21, 2019

Yes, You Can Begin Generating Recurring Revenue in 60 Days

Step 1: Create a new Terms of Service agreement outlining your service policies. Step 2: Present clients with tiered membership plans. Step 3: Wait for the opportunity to upsell.

Joseph Kolchinsky · April 17, 2019

It’s Time to Charge for After-hours Support

Providing free round-the-clock support is taxing your business. Here’s a step-by-step guide to converting your business to a paid support model.

Joseph Kolchinsky · April 13, 2018

Why So Many 24/7 Support and Service Initiatives Fail

The real challenge to transforming service in the custom installation industry lies in creating a holistic approach, including software implementation, training and developing a turnkey RMR sales and marketing engine.

Joseph Kolchinsky · October 11, 2017

Why Extra Features Are the Silent Service-Plan Profit Killer

Thinking of adding extra features or offerings to your service plans? Don’t! Selling over-complicated service plans pits you against a silent profitability killer: operational overhead.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 24, 2017

How to Transition from ‘Free’ to ‘Paid’ Without Burning Client Relationships

What can integrators learn from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times? One newspaper transitioned from ‘free’ articles to ‘paid’ memberships without burning any bridges, and you can too.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 09, 2017

Under the Surface of Lennar’s Move to Wireless & Amazon Smart-Home Services

When paired with Lennar’s decision to utilize Amazon Home Services for installation, the builder’s sharp reduction in low voltage cabling reinforces the notion that it sees a traditional path to the smart home, the CEDIA channel, as outdated.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 02, 2017

Use This Equation to Simplify Your Hourly Billing

A complex pricing model is difficult to explain, harder for clients to understand and almost impossible for your team to accurately track. Move to a one-size-fits-all hourly billing rate with one simple equation.

Joseph Kolchinsky · July 31, 2017

Why Recurring Revenue Skeptics Are Missing the Point

Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) may not be necessary to drive company valuation, but providing great customer service absolutely is.

Joseph Kolchinsky · July 29, 2017