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Jeff Boccaccio

Jeff Boccaccio

Jeff Boccaccio is president of DPL Labs. Jeff can be reached at

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All the Lab Testing in the World Won’t Catch HDMI Interop Issues

Even the best HDMI lab testing can’t catch the cable interoperability issues that dealers discover in the field. Share the data!

Jeff Boccaccio · January 04, 2019

4K HDR Compression and Compromises: Something’s Gotta Give

HDMI guru Jeff Boccaccio explains compromises with 4K HDR video distribution, compression schemes like Display Stream Compression, and tough choices for integrators.

Jeff Boccaccio · August 27, 2018

Boccaccio: A Better Way to Power Active HDMI Cables

HDMI cables, power supplies and DC currents don’t always play well together.

Jeff Boccaccio · July 03, 2018

What the Heck is a ‘Weak HDMI Signal’?

Learn the lingo and the characteristics of HDMI to help troubleshooters help you.

Jeff Boccaccio · June 04, 2018

Don’t Get Too Psyched for 48Gbps – HDMI 2.1 Rollout Could be Painfully Slow

It will take time to get to certified 48Gbps, especially as HDMI 2.1 testing and certification tools get developed.

Jeff Boccaccio · January 26, 2018

HDMI Corner: How to Prepare for 48G and Fend Off False Marketing Claims

How can anyone legitimately claim their HDMI transmission lines (cables, fiber, wireless, etc.) are ready for the HDMI Rev 2.1 48G?

Jeff Boccaccio · October 03, 2017

ICYMI: Now That 4K Is Widespread, We See All Those HDMI Problems

DPL Labs tests performed on one popular 4K Blu-ray player that seemed to work with just about every product reveals some interesting — and disturbing — results.

Jeff Boccaccio · July 27, 2017

Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

A seven-hour DPL Labs presentation at the HDMI Wire and Cable Association Conference in China elicited an intense Q&A about HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps.

Jeff Boccaccio · June 23, 2017

Small Testing Glitch Leaves More HDMI Rev 2.1 Questions Looming

DPL Labs tried various devices, cable assemblies and connectors to figure out why a fixture and connector issue kept causing problems during its new HDMI test equipment setup.

Jeff Boccaccio · May 23, 2017

Beware the Latest HDMI Claims Surrounding Rev 2.1

Do all sheep lie? That is the question as integrators are once again installing lower quality 4K/60 products incapable of handling 18Gbps, after the announcement of HDMI 2.1.

Jeff Boccaccio · April 25, 2017