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Michael Maniscalco

A former integrator, Michael Maniscalco is co-founder and vice president of technical operations for ihiji. He served as one of the principal architects of invision, the company’s cloud-based, real-time remote systems monitoring and servicing solution. For more information contact or visit

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Smart-Home Lessons from Diabetes Conference: Networks Matter, Regulation Thwarts Progress

Networking and smart-home veteran Michael Maniscalco shares insights from American Diabetes Association conference, bemoaning the lack of progress in integrating medical devices with home-automation, which could be a potential life saver.

Michael Maniscalco · October 27, 2017

T1D Diabetes IFTTT Project: Turn on Lights if Blood Glucose Levels are Critical

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) dad outlines DIY project utilizing NightScout, IFTTT, SmartThings and other IoT devices to enable a Dexcom constant glucose monitor to turn on lights when blood glucose reaches critical levels. #singfornicole

Michael Maniscalco · October 03, 2017

After Son’s Diabetes Diagnosis, IoT Exec Sees Big Role for Home Automation in Disease Management

Mike Maniscalco of Ihiji, which makes remote monitoring systems for smart homes, uses home automation to help manage son’s Type 1 diabetes. He sees big implications for IoT in disease management and health monitoring.

Michael Maniscalco · August 03, 2017

The Trick to Earning Smart-Home RMR: Get Out of Your Own Way

A true lack of commitment is the primary reason most integrators struggle to earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for smart home projects.

Michael Maniscalco · May 22, 2017

5 Signs of a Crummy Network … And How to Fix It

Buffering, bad video quality, unreliable connections, lousy roaming and dead zones are key signs of an awful home network. Solutions include to not rely on wireless, check LANs carefully, examine the ISP, and perform annual maintenance.

Michael Maniscalco · February 20, 2017

Networking Pro Reviews Eero: A Good Choice for 80%

Eero’s mesh-Wi-Fi networking solution is better than most consumer-grade routers and access points, but lacks key features that integrators will need for larger spaces and more demanding applications.

Michael Maniscalco · December 28, 2016

Hands On: When Google Fiber Meets a Mediocre Network & OnHub Router

Networking guru tries out Google Fiber in Austin with a consumer-grade Google OnHub router, and the results weren’t pretty. Here are some lessons for smart home integrators.

Michael Maniscalco · November 04, 2016