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Chuck Schneider

Chuck Schneider

Chuck Schneider is a freelance writer with a long history in consumer electronics. He started and restarted his award-winning manufacturer’s representative firm - Value Added Marketing - and was also a vice president and general merchandise manager for a multi-regional CE chain, as well as a buyer for Lechmere's (a division of Target). Today, he is a freelance writer.

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Legal Marijuana, Prescription Opioids, and Employee Drug Testing in the CE Workplace

Do you have a drug testing policy in place at your business? Are you familiar with the law as it relates to the “Drug-Free Workplace” and medical or recreational marijuana? We’ve sifted through the legalese to give you the brass tacks.

Chuck Schneider · June 18, 2019

5 Tips to Get Your Snail Mail Ads to Work

Which 10 CE product brand names work best for generating interest in your direct mail? Use these 5 tips to help create successful physical mail campaigns.

Chuck Schneider · March 04, 2019

2018 CE Pro Masters Recognizes 14 Industry Stalwarts

This year’s sixth class of CE Pro Masters honorees includes 14 industry rock stars representing manufacturers, integrators, rep firms, specialty retailers, buying groups, distributors and more

Chuck Schneider · January 16, 2019

6 Ways CES Has Changed Dramatically

What to do without a Monster concert at CES 2019, sorting out the 24 Marketplace areas and other changes to maneuver.

Chuck Schneider · December 28, 2018

Former Sonos Reps Weigh In on IPO

Former Sonos reps dumped by the company mostly say they would buy stock in the wireless smart speaker company when it goes public at $17 to $19 per share.

Chuck Schneider · July 25, 2018

Do You Know the Origin of These Brand Names? Take the Quiz

From JBL to NAD to LG, test your brand name IQ on the origin of these company names.

Chuck Schneider · March 15, 2018

How to Tap into the Lucrative, Fanatical Video Gaming Market

Oh yes you can make money on video gaming — serious gamers want their own space with premium video, Dolby Atmos surround sound, super-fast and reliable networks, comfy chairs and other high-end gear that can make or break a player.

Chuck Schneider · March 02, 2018

CE Pro Masters 2018: Celebrating Movers and Shakers in Home Technology

Raise a glass to the 2018 class of CE Pro Masters, long-time leaders in the custom electronic industry’s retail, distribution, technology, marketing and executive sectors.

Chuck Schneider · December 26, 2017

Test Your CES Knowledge! Take This Short Quiz

Test your memory banks on past Monster concert headliners, technology debuts, award winners and other past CES tidbits.

Chuck Schneider · December 11, 2017

CEDIA Dealers Shouldn’t Trust Amazon as Smart-Home Partner, Says Industry Veteran

Smart-home pros would be ‘foolhardy’ to trust Amazon’s intentions in launching ‘Custom Home Services’ for CEDIA-certified installers.

Chuck Schneider · October 13, 2017