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Remote Monitoring: Your Next Recurring Revenue Model

Many integrators offer remote monitoring as a base tier of client care programs. Establishing these service programs will lead to better performance, increased reliability, cost savings for the customer, and increased efficiency for the integrator.  In this Advantage Series White Paper, learn about the three stages of deploying remote monitoring systems, how these systems generate […]

CE Pro Editors · December 01, 2013

Boosting Profits, Recurring Revenue with Robust Home Networks

Owning a client’s home network can be a major source of recurring revenue. Twenty-one percent of CE Pro 100 integrators say home networking is their fastest growing product category. Over the years, dealers have discovered most homeowners are unwilling to buy service contracts for A/V equipment. But today, the Internet has become a “mission-critical” home […]

CE Pro Editors · November 25, 2013

Understanding How High Definition Wireless Audio Systems Work

In an increasingly wireless world, hardwired home audio systems are one of the last holdouts; but not any longer. Developments in wireless audio technology have brought much improved audio fidelity with low or no interference to this simpler-to-install alternative. For integrators, it means the potential to create a superior surround sound home theater experience with […]

CE Pro Editors · October 02, 2013

CEDIA Expo Booth Tours: Sanus

Richard Fregosa shares some interesting finds from the first day of CEDIA Expo 2013.

CE Pro Editors · September 26, 2013

CEDIA Scoop 2013

Showing signs the industry has regained steam from the recession, overall attendance rose slightly and educational session participation skyrocketed at CEDIA Expo 2013 in Denver. More than 470 exhibitors and 17,900 attendees from 84 countries participated in the 2013 event. Overall attendance grew 6 percent from the 2012 show in Indianapolis, while the number of […]

CE Pro Editors · September 25, 2013

Creating the Proper Interfaces for Clients

The incredible market success of smartphones and tablets has transformed the way homeowners look at home automation systems. Suddenly, something that used to be a foreign concept is as simple as operating a device the average consumer uses every day. But this familiarity has led some clients to think smartphones and tablets are all they […]

CE Pro Editors · September 09, 2013

The Ultimate Guide to Freestanding Speakers

Stepping up to fill the void left by an uninspiring video category is the audio community. Led by a new generation of web-enabled, downloadable and streaming technologies, as well as electronics that can serve the needs of analog or digital enthusiasts, the audio market is experiencing a surge in popularity that rivals its golden-era heyday […]

CE Pro Editors · August 31, 2013

Cell Phone Boosters Providing New Revenue Opportunities

It costs five times more to find a new client than to retain an existing customer. Savvy integrators know that old business adage well, but the challenge is finding new solutions that add value to existing clients’ homes. Cellular boosters may be just the thing to re-open existing and new clients’ doors and offer integrators […]

CE Pro Editors · August 21, 2013

Business Operations: Profiles of 3 Successful Integrators

Exchanging ideas with others in the custom integrator business can provide insight into how similar businesses tackle situations and problems that you may have faced. This Advantage Series White Paper is the next best thing to a person-to-person chat. You’ll find out what other integrators say are some of the keys to running a successful […]

CE Pro Editors · August 12, 2013

Core Brands

CE Pro Editors · July 31, 2013