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Keys to Selling, Servicing Robust Home Networks

In this Advantage Series White Paper, learn how to pitch clients on networks, including the use Wi-Fi Signal Mapping as a sales tool, develop remote maintenance service plans to earn recurring revenue, balance a hardwired solution with a wireless solution, and much more.

CE Pro Editors · March 05, 2013

Aquavision Televisions Show New Interiors Range at ISH

The pioneers of bathroom and in-wall televisions, Aquavision, will be making their debut at this year’s ISH show.

CE Pro Editors · March 05, 2013

How to Design Great Equipment Racks

There are a few things integrators can do to stand out from the competition. One that rarely comes to mind – but should – is equipment rack design. A well done equipment rack can be the ultimate sign of craftsmanship, while a poorly done rack with a rat’s nest of wires and overheating components can […]

CE Pro Editors · January 14, 2013

High Performance Audio Supplement

When sociologists discover long-lost enclaves of primitive humans deep in the Amazon rain forest, there is one remarkable common thread in every instance: They dance and create music. Whether they are singing or using rudimentary percussion instruments, the discoveries prove that there is a very deep instinctual need or emotion within all humans for music. […]

CE Pro Editors · December 23, 2012

Central Vac: 10 Tips for Fighting Declining Margins

Central vacuum systems might not have the dazzling special effects of home theaters or automated conveniences of whole-home control systems, but they can certainly lead to a provocative, important discussion with clients. In this Advantage Series White Paper, learn about the key benefits of central vacuum systems and how they will help your clients live […]

CE Pro Editors · December 12, 2012

Profit Benchmarks for the Custom Electronics Industry

At the end of the day, how much money do you end up with in your pocket? It’s an important question. Many integrators love the custom electronics industry… all the gadgets and cool equipment, but that love of music and video and technology needs to be weighed with the success of your integration business. In […]

CE Pro Editors · December 09, 2012

Increase Your Margins by Selling Home Theater Seating

Entertainment furniture is a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet most custom installers do not include furniture into proposals or budgets. Now is the time to replenish those lost profits, and home theater seating will help CE pros do just that. This White Paper will show you how to choose a seating company, why home theater seating […]

CE Pro Editors · October 31, 2012

CE Accelerate: The Rise (and Rise) of the Custom Electronics Channel

Why are some integrators and some manufacturers thriving in the current custom electronics market conditions? How can one manufacturer go from $3 million in revenues during the recession to $40 million, while another manufacturer in the same category reports his business is off 50 percent? How can a dealer in New England triple in one […]

CE Pro Editors · October 30, 2012

The Ultimate CE Profile

We wanted to get a better idea of “who are you,” so we asked about your background, education, politics, stresses and more. We’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of CE Pro in 2013, and with the industry and technology as volatile as ever, we thought this would be a good time to find out the […]

CE Pro Editors · October 03, 2012

Monster and Viacom Introduce Monster DNA Headphones and a New Alliance to Support Music Culture [PR]

Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones and electronic accessories, and Viacom, home to the world’s premier entertainment brands, today announced a global alliance for the launch of a new audio brand Monster DNA™. With Monster’s latest advancement in sound engineering, Monster DNA headphones bring music listeners a new sound that is as powerful […]

CE Pro Editors · September 06, 2012