Melchione Out as President & CEO of Anthem, MartinLogan, Paradigm

After less than one month as president and CEO of Anthem, MartinLogan and Paradigm, Rocco Melchione is out due to "philosophical differences in the direction he was taking the brands."

Rocco Melchione

After less than one month on the job, Rocco Melchione is out as president and CEO of Anthem, MartinLogan and Paradigm.

Melchione was appointed to the position on Dec. 18, 2013, bringing more than twenty years experience at the senior executive level in global manufacturing and sales.

Prior to joining Anthem, MartinLogan and Paradigm, Melchione held a leadership role in an $800 million expansion for a global division of Panasonic Corporation.

He also helped integrate the iconic Baldwin Piano Company into Gibson Guitar Corporation, as a Gibson subsidiary.

No word on who will replace Melchione.

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