Why HDMI 1.3’s Revisions Don’t Matter (To You)

Ignore the marketing-spin of HDMI Rev 1.3b and 1.3c -- it's only for the testers.

Why HDMI 1.3’s Revisions Don’t Matter (To You)
Jeff Boccaccio · October 10, 2008

As suggested by recent mail, many installers, dealers and (especially) end-users have turned to panic as they read about the latest “Revision” lifeline.

We have tested hundreds of products, including cable and accessory products—some better then others, for sure.

A fair number of the products, marketed as Rev 1.3b, actually tested worse than others at Rev.1.3a.


Any time you see anyone advertising their product as anything better than 1.3a, it should automatically sound an alarm.

HDMI has a specification for the interface (called HDMI Specification) that covers the spec on the hardware and software.

It also has a specification, HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) 1.3b, b1 and c, which covers the way these goodies are tested.

The HDMI Compliance Test Specification has absolutely nothing to do with product performance.

Most recently, the delivery of HDMI Rev 1.3c became real. I can already see these companies marketing that they are 1.3c-rated further mucking up the already troubled HDMI waters.

Rev 1.3c pertains to:

  • changes in testing active cable products
  • an introduction to a new signal generator
  • some editorial corrections
  • some connector overhold issues

It’s for the testing people, not marketing people.

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