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Alex Tagliani Smart Home: Why Am I Doing This?

Famous Indycar driver Alex Tagliani talks about why he chose to be involved 'from the ground up' on constructing his new 4,500-square-foot smart home.

Alex Tagliani is working with two integrators to oversee the construction of his new smart home.

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CE Pro Editors · December 4, 2015

You wouldn't think that famous IndyCar Series driver Alex Tagliani is afraid of anything, especially since he races cars at 200 MPH.

But Tagliani tells CE Pro's Jason Knott that the prospects of being involved in the construction of his new 4,500-square-foot smart home outside of Montreal is a bit daunting for him, even though he has previously constructed homes in the past.

This, however, is his dream home for his family -- Alex, his famous wife supermodel Bronte Tagliani and their new baby daughter. He wants the home to turn out exactly how he is envisioning it so he talks about how important it is to learn throughout the process to avoid and construction errors that can cost time and money.

This video is Part 2 in a series of videos in which Tagliani will be documenting the planning and construction process of the home.

Tagliani's racecar is already sponsored by B&W Group among others. He spent time with CE Pro at CEDIA Expo 2015 and is working closely with his two integrators—Greg Simmons of CE Pro 100 company Eagle Sentry in Las Vegas and Joseph Kade of Homesync in Montreal—to outfit the home with the best equipment for the job. So far, he has selected various equipment from Epson, Integra, AudioQuest, Screen Innovations, Bowers & Wilkins and iRoom Inc. for the project.

Watch Tagliani tackle the other aspects of the design and build:

Part 1: Alex Tagliani Starts Smart Home Construction

Part 2: Why Is Alex Tagliani Building a Smart Home?

Part 3: Alex Tagliani: Why I Came to CEDIA Expo

Part 4: Alex Selects Epson Projector, Sl Slate Screen, AudioQuest Cables

Part 5: Alex Gets Schooled on Wiring

Part 6: Alex Learns the Details of Surround Sound

Part 7: Done! What Alex Tagliani Likes About His New Smart Home

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