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Research Suggests 30% Growth in Smart Home Voice Control Market Due to Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus is forcing many to alter how they interact with technology, voice control options will likely see a boost in market share by the end of 2020.

CE Pro Editors · April 06, 2020

indoor air quality

Coronavirus Creates Huge Indoor Air Quality Opportunity

Pure365 signs up 40 integrators as resellers in one week to bring its $3,600 to $18,000 indoor air quality solutions to customers.

Jason Knott · April 03, 2020

AVNation’s ‘Learn From Home’ Virtual Event Features Sessions From Over 20 CE Co’s

In an effort to provide educational opportunities for integrators stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak, AVNation is hosting its first learn from home event.

CE Pro Editors · April 03, 2020

Savant Launches Stay-at-Home Educational Series

In addition to its existing remote service opportunities, Savant is expanding its educational resources to include nearly 40 live webinars and one-on-one sessions.

CE Pro Editors · April 03, 2020

Survey Finds 87% of Small Businesses Hurting Due to Coronavirus

While it is no surprise that small businesses are struggling, a majority of business owners feel minimizing coronavirus deaths is more important than re-opening the economy.

CE Pro Editors · April 02, 2020

Vermont Orders ‘Big-Box’ Retailers to Cease Sales of Consumer Electronics

Vermont governor orders Best Buy, Walmart and others to halt in-person sales of ‘non-essential items’ to halt spread of coronavirus.

Jason Knott · April 02, 2020

4 Video Games to Play to Pass the Time While in Self-Quarantine

Many professionals are suddenly finding themselves with a lot more time at home thanks to the coronavirus, so here are some games well worth some exploration.

Andrew Nichols · April 02, 2020

music streaming Austin City Limits

11 Great Virtual ‘Venues’ for Quarantine Concert Streaming

The coronavirus outbreak has produced an outpouring of archival concert video releases, live and re-released broadcasts, plus catch up on music documentaries.

Arlen Schweiger · April 01, 2020

When Can You Apply for a CARES Act Loan?

Enhanced guidelines issued by US Treasury Dept. show integrators and manufacturers can apply for CARES Act loans on April 3. Self-employed individuals can apply on April 10.

Jason Knott · April 01, 2020

Why Outdoor Installations Could Thrive During Coronavirus Outbreak

Stealth Acoustics says outdoor installations are ‘coronavirus-safe’ for integrators because they lessen the potential worry clients may have from exposure.

Jason Knott · April 01, 2020