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How Resimercial Integrators Can Break into Promising Commercial Wellness Market

Wellness leaders offer advice for integrators looking to break into the burgeoning commercial wellness market, including tips on wellness certifications, installations, and more.

CE Pro Editors · January 07, 2022

Samsung Announces Eco-Friendly Corporate Policies

Samsung Electronics has announced 2022 sustainability initiatives that will accelerate the development of eco-friendly home appliances. With these measures, Samsung is acting to address environmental issues through innovative products and services that can be used in everyday life. “At CES 2022, we outlined how Samsung will contribute toward tackling some of the world’s most pressing […]

Robert Archer · January 06, 2022

Samsung Patagonia Microplastics

Samsung Teams with Patagonia to Minimize Microplastics

Samsung points out that we have all seen the images of once beautiful beaches that are now covered in plastic waste. This problem the company explains is that birds, turtles and other forms of sea life are now required to share their habitats with endless mounds of bottles, straws and other discarded plastics. The global […]

Robert Archer · January 05, 2022

Baracoda Daily Healthcheck Bathroom of the Future CES

Baracoda Daily Healthtech to Highlight ‘Bathroom of the Future’ at CES 2022

‘Bathroom of the Future’ demo from Baracoda features BConnect Hub tying together smart bathmat, mirror, thermometer, toothbrush & more at CES in Las Vegas.

Arlen Schweiger · December 29, 2021

LG Media Chair

LG Incorporates 55-inch Flexible OLED TVs into Recliner, Fitness Bike

LG Display is showcasing its bendable, rollable and flexible OLED TVs in its LG Media Chair recliner and Virtual Ride stationary bike.

Jason Knott · December 27, 2021

7 Indoor Air Quality Myths Integrators Should Explain to Customers

There is plenty of information regarding the benefits of indoor air quality systems available online, but there’s also a lot of misinformation. Here are 7 common myths to stop spreading.

CE Pro Editors · December 14, 2021

Q&A: Success in Construction Market Begins with Curating Strong Builder Relationships

For most integrators, finding success in the new construction market relies on establishing lasting relationships with tech-focused builders.

CE Pro Editors · December 08, 2021

4 Smart Building Trends Resimercial and Commercial Integrators Should Watch

As more businesses opt to lease space within smart buildings, it is important for resimercial integrators to keep track of the hottest trends within the space. Here are four to watch.

CE Pro Editors · December 03, 2021

How Integrators Can Emphasize Importance of Wellness Tech to Designers and Builders

Integrators looking to persuade more designers and builders to install wellness tech should start discussions by emphasizing the nature of the tech and showcase its benefits in ways that are easy to understand.

CE Pro Editors · November 17, 2021

Research Shows Consumer Enthusiasm Toward Wellness Technology Remains Highly Positive

Consumers are ready and willing to accept wellness technology solutions as a part of their everyday lives, with particular interest coming from fitness tech and light therapy.

CE Pro Editors · November 16, 2021