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H-P Products: The Importance of Central Vacuums to Indoor Air Quality  

The average person spends more than 90% of their times indoors, and, almost counterintuitively keeping that space clean with an average vacuum can actually exacerbate air quality woes for residents.

Apr 17, 2024

Growing Your Business in the Kitchen and Bath Industry as a Technology Integrator

The most used (and renovated) areas of the home still offer a wealth of opportunities for technology integrators.

Apr 17, 2024

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2024 Health and Wellness Tech Report

Solutions Abound for Integrators to Embrace Health & Wellness Tech Still slow to catch on in the CEDIA channel, manufacturers set foundations for dealers to differentiate their portfolios covering many pillars of the category. After so much was m

Apr 17, 2024

Graber: Smart Shades Lead to Better Sleep & Better Health 

Creating a perfect balance of daylight in the home requires proper shading as much as it does proper lighting.

Apr 16, 2024