WattStopper LMLS-400/LMLS-500 daylighting sensors

The LMLS-400 is a single-zone photosensor and the LMLS-500 multizone photosensor that installers can use in a variety of building environments for daylight harvesting.


WattStopper says its latest photosensors are interchangeable to allow installers to upgrade or alter their lighting control installations.

By Robert Archer
May 20, 2011
Between the price of gas and the rising costs of electricity, natural gas and heating oil both homeowners and commercial property managers are literally under siege in these unstable economic times.

WattStopper has introduced two new daylighting sensors that provide installers a choice of two products they can offer their property management and owner clients. The LMLS-400 and LMLS-500 sensors can be used for switching or dimming and both products incorporate two-way IR transceivers for communications. The LMLS-400 features automatic commissioning for either switching or dimming, and it's designed for single-zone applications. The LMLS-500 is a multizone open-loop photosensor that can be mounted on a ceiling or in a light well of a skylight.

The products also include menu-based handheld wireless interfaces to support installers during the configuration process and WattStoppers says that installers can swap devices in the event of a system change or upgrade.

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