Inside NFL Star Mario Williams’ iPad-Controlled Home Theater

NFL star Mario Williams, the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, shows off his iPad-controlled home theater that features a DPI Titan Projector, 138-inch Stewart Filmscreen Cine-W screen and Crestron control system.

By Lisa Montgomery
April 26, 2012
Mario Williams, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, recently signed a $100-million deal with the Buffalo Bills, making it easy for the star defensive end to go all out when designing his home theater.

Raleigh, N.C.-based Audio Advice had the luxury of incorporating the equipment into a partially finished space in the basement of Williams’ 11,000-square-foot Raleigh home.

The drywall was already up in the room that would serve as the home theater, but areas behind those walls were unfinished. These open spaces allowed Audio Advice to fish Transparent Audio HDMI cabling and other wiring to the high-grade equipment chosen to suit both the room design and Williams’ entertainment tastes.

The DPI Titan Projector was the ideal choice for this 24-foot-long room, says Audio Advice’s Randy Cribb, due to its ability to throw images long distances. To maintain the clean aesthetics of the room design, Audio Advice mounted the projector on the other side of the back wall, meaning images need to travel even farther than 24 feet.

That was no problem for the Titan 1080p-250, which is engineered to transmit images onto a screen as far away as 65 feet. And thanks to an anamorphic lens, the projector is able to reproduce images in a superwide CinemaScope format, which fit perfectly on the 138-inch Stewart Filmscreen.

Photos: NFL Star Mario Williams' iPad-Controlled Home Theater

Equipment List
Stewart Filmscreen 138-inch Cine-W screen
DPI Titan 1080p-250 video projector with anamorphic lens
JBL Synthesis surround-sound system
Lexicon MC-12HD processor
Crestron control system
RTI TC-2 remote
Panamax surge protectors
Transparent Audio HDMI cabling
The projector was placed on a 7-foot-high wooden platform built specifically for the project; images shine through specialty projection glass, which was fitted into a window in the back wall of the theater.

The Cine-W from Stewart Filmscreen curves slightly to wrap the audience in the movie. “It provides a more immersive viewing experience,” says Cribb. Audio Advice recessed the screen into custom-built cabinetry that also houses the center speakers and subwoofers of a JBL Synthesis system. Each speaker cavity was lined with foam so no matter how loudly Williams cranks the audio, the speakers sound natural. The remaining surround-sound speakers of this 7.2 setup were built into the side and rear walls.

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Audio Advice finished off the home theater with a Kaleidescape media server, which holds close to 500 Blu-ray discs, a high-def satellite receiver and a Crestron control system, which lets Williams fire up his home theater from an iPad or RTI TC-2 remote.

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