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Why Communication with Customers Is Pivotal for Integrators Amid Supply Crisis

Integrators who want to keep their projects running smoothly throughout 2021 would be wise to focus more on good customer communication practices.

Zachary Comeau · July 19, 2021

Breaking Down Current Workplace Vaccine Requirements For Integrators

Now that multiple COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed across North America, integration firms must develop their own policies around workplace vaccinations.

Zachary Comeau · July 07, 2021

Supply Chain and Shipping Issues Continue to Impact AV Product Prices, Availability

Global supply chain issues are continuing to cause problems for integrators, making it important for businesses to register projects with distributors and manufacturers early.

Zachary Comeau · July 06, 2021

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Selling Service-Based Plans

As consumer cashflow continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for integrators to focus on RMR options.

Zachary Comeau · June 24, 2021

Why Integrators Should Begin to Take Cybersecurity Seriously

A recent barrage of cyberattacks has prompted President Biden to issue an executive order urging businesses to improve their cybersecurity, making it the perfect time for integrators to get involved.

Zachary Comeau · June 11, 2021

Business Leaders Should Be Futureproofing Their Hybrid Work Models

As hybrid and WFH models become increasingly popular across the globe, integrators are now tasked with helping their customers achieve technology parity for on-site and remote workers.

Zachary Comeau · June 10, 2021

Research Shows 83% of Employees Prefer Hybrid Work Model

A new report by research company Accenture suggests that 83% of employees prefer a hybrid work model and to work remotely between 25% and 75% of the time.

Zachary Comeau · June 08, 2021

Bose Victimized by Cyberattack; Did Not Pay Ransom

Thanks to employees acting quickly, Bose says it was able to limit the impact of the ransomware attack and the company did not pay a ransom to the attackers.

Zachary Comeau · June 01, 2021

Paycheck Protection Program Runs Out of Funds, Leaves Many Small Businesses in Limbo

In an unfortunate turn of events, the Paycheck Protection Program has run out of money for most small businesses weeks before the deadline.

Zachary Comeau · May 13, 2021

How The Videoconferencing Industry Is Fighting Against Video Fatigue

Many videoconferencing companies are shifting their focus to help fight our virtual meeting fatigue, and AV integrators may be able to help.

Zachary Comeau · May 07, 2021