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3 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Sell Service

Waiting for the right time to pitch your clients on service plans to gain recurring revenue? Here's why summer is the perfect time to make the leap.

3 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Sell Service
“Heading away for a summer vacation? Our new proactive monitoring service let us keep an eye on your tech while you’re gone so everything’s running smoothly when you arrive back home.”

Jason Griffing · June 21, 2017

With Memorial Day in the rearview, summer is officially upon us. And if you’ve been looking for the right time to engage your clients in a conversation about service plans, (what we at OneVision like to call Memberships), summer might just be the best time to do it.

Why summer specifically? There are at least three reasons your clients may be more open to purchasing service plans this season.

1. It’s Home Improvement Season

If you’re like most people, your list of projects to do around the house has been steadily growing all year. Your clients are no different. From simple DIY weekend projects to calling various tradesmen for repairs, upgrades and regular maintenance, your clients are very receptive to new ideas for their home this time of year. 

Whether you utilize direct mailers, email campaigns or a good old-fashioned phone call, now is a great time to make your clients a new offer.

For example, you could approach them about a tune-up to make sure their system is running smoothly for house guests, or a free consultation to discuss entertainment upgrades for dinner parties or outdoor BBQs. Whatever you decide to pitch, you can utilize the offer as a means of introducing your new service plans.

“Did you know? We also now offer prioritized service and proactive monitoring to give you with the best technology experience all year long.”


“Don’t forget to ask about our new membership plans, a new approach to service designed to cover your technology needs and give you peace of mind.”

2. It’s Vacation Season

Summertime also means vacation season for many of your clients. This makes it a great time to market service, especially if your business operates in a vacation home market.

The last thing homeowners want is the stress of a technology failure interrupting their annual family trip. Engaging with these clients prior to their vacation is a perfect time to introduce the idea of premium services.

Far from being limited to second-home owners, vacation season presents a great marketing opportunity for clients whose primary home you’re managing as well. After all, nobody likes the experience of coming home from a vacation to deal with technology issues. Exhausted from travel and stressed about returning to work, the last thing clients want to deal with on the tail-end of their trip is not being able to operate the lights or turn on the TV to unwind. Playing off this emotion in a summertime marketing campaign will likely resonate with any clients whose had this experience before.

“Heading away for a summer vacation? Our new proactive monitoring service let us keep an eye on your tech while you’re gone so everything’s running smoothly when you arrive back home.”

3. Kids Are Home from School

A third factor that makes summertime the perfect season for marketing premium service is the fact that the kids are home from school. Parents, whose busy lives aren’t afforded the luxury of a two-month break, are now also tasked with keeping their children entertained all day long. Suddenly, things like reliable Wi-Fi and properly-functioning audio/video systems take on a whole new significance.

“Maintain your sanity while the kids are home from school. Our new membership plans ensure your home technology runs smoothly so the kids stay entertained all summer long.”

Summer Is the Season of Service

Often, the biggest thing preventing you from selling premium services is not having a valid reason to engage your clients in a conversation. From working on home improvements to planning vacations and dealing with kids home from school, summer presents a number of great opportunities to reach out and get this conversation started.

If presented correctly, the odds are good that a number of your clients, who generally have disposable income and place a value on convenience and service, will opt-in to one of your plans. And for those who don’t, you’ve planted the seed for future seasonal marketing campaigns aimed at converting more of them over time. 

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