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6 Hot Home Theater Trends

There's always something new developing for home theater enthusiasts. Here are six trends sweeping the home theater market.

As A/V technologies evolve, home designs change, clients alter their habits to fit their lifestyles, and home theater becomes subject to trends and evolutions.

While the traditional dark basement with a 5.1-, 7.2-, or 12.1-channel audio system, big screen, and rows of reclining seats on risers is still considered the classic idea of a home theater, the A/V systems people install in their homes today look very different.

This has led many in our industry to abandon the term “home theater” for one of several newer, more flexible terms. We’ve rounded up the latest trends for home theater enthusiasts.

Click here for 6 Hot Home Theater Trends.

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6 Hot Home Theater Trends

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About the Author

Grant Clauser
Grant Clauser is a technology editor, covering home electronics for more than 10 years for such publications as Electronic House and Dealerscope. He's done ISF-level damage to hundreds of reviewed products and has had audio training from Home Acoustics Alliance and Sencore.

7 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Jason  on  12/10  at  10:38 PM

Social media on my screen? No thanks. Keep that crap off of there and leave it on the phone.

I think this ‘trend’ was pushed by the TV manufactures looking to one-up each other.
Unfortunately it’s not useful, like most other things they are putting on TVs these days.

Posted by Loren Roetman  on  12/11  at  01:23 AM

And now, more top news from about 2 years ago…

Posted by CTollefson  on  12/11  at  09:10 PM

Agree with other posts. Did a 120” screen with 3 plasmas above it 4 years ago, media room with a 60” and (3) 42”‘s above it in another home and I had seen several others doing it prior to that. Not a new trend.

Posted by bozbass  on  12/12  at  01:46 PM

Is it just me or is the screen in slide two way above comfortable viewing?

Posted by Eddie  on  12/15  at  10:30 AM

Personally, the more integration I can get, the better. I love that my TV, PC, phone, and tablet can now all communicate, and all have access to the same information. I recently picked up the DISH Hopper, and this is a perfect example. It has a Blockbuster @Home app integrated on it, so I can update my queue from my phone, then come home and have my movie or show ready to go. It also gives me HD and DVR in four different rooms, so I can start a movie in my living room, and if it gets late and I’d rather finish it in bed, I can pause it in the living room, then pick it up in my bedroom right where I left off. As a parent this is another advantage; from any TV in the house I can see what my kids are watching, whether they’re in the living room or the rec room downstairs. As a DISH employee I got a chance to check out the beta version of the Hopper before it went public; I was impressed then, and I’m blown away now that I actually have one in my home. Great article!

Posted by Sajid  on  02/19  at  01:38 PM

LOL floor standing speakers, I walked in to BBuy and asked the guy why Bose sucks, he took me to the speaker room and it was like going back to the 80’s, many floor standing speakers….I went witht he bose jewel cubes, low profile….

Posted by mrpau  on  04/16  at  10:05 AM

Audio is a very personal listening experience. Bose presents an affordable surround experience, but factually cannot reproduce the low frequencies (ala woofers, not sub-woofers) because of the lack of size of their speakers. But one needs to listen to the difference of small cube speakers vs towers. What suits my ears may not suit yours. I don’t trash another persons choice because we all hear things differently.

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