5 Things @ CEDIA: Bjorn Jensen Seeks Internet of Things, Thor, Eye Candy

CE Pro Blog Mobster Bjorn Jensen shares five things he hopes to see at CEDIA Expo 2013, like Thor's hammer sub from TruAudio. It's a Scandinavian thing.

CE Pro Blog Mobster Bjorn Jensen will be on the hunt for Thor's hammer sub from TruAudio at CEDIA Expo 2013
Bjorn Jensen · September 18, 2013

We asked the CE Pro Blog Mob what five things they can’t wait to see at CEDIA Expo 2013. Blog Mobster or not, let us know what things you want to see or hope to see at the show, and we’ll post them here. Email

1. Probably the number one thing I’m looking forward to will be seeing all of the latest products embracing network connectivity. Everything is going network and if your device cannot be reached over the network then it’s probably not going to last much longer, save for a few exceptions like speakers ... for now.

2. As a gadget guy I can’t wait to see all of the new “Internet of Things” gadgetry, making it easier for the DIYer like me to be able to trick out my home faster and for a fraction of the cost of years past. I know that’s not necessarily something integrators like to hear but I think there’s more opportunity there than realized. Most homeowners are still in the dark about what is available and how to use it or connect to it. They’re paying the integrator for the service provided in making everything work as one cohesive ecosystem, not for the gadget itself.

3. I know it’s silly, but I kind of really want to see Thor’s hammer sub from TruAudio. After all, every guy in my family has worn Mjolnir around our necks since I was born (even my dog Loki), and my son’s middle name is Tor (Thor). Hey, it’s Scandinavian culture and with a name like Bjørn Jensen I can’t really escape it. Here’s hoping I win their raffle!

4. Displays displays displays! Whether it’s the display on a big 4K TV or on a small handheld remote, displays are getting clearer, sharper and smoother. Combine that with the improvements in multitouch performance over the past few years and I think this year will be a treat for anyone like me who loves this sort of eye candy.

5. Last but not least I want to see all of my clients from all over the country I don’t normally get to see and some new ones I have yet to meet. I want to mingle with the CEDIA IT Task force and hang out for a minute or two with the very busy Julie Jacobson. In short, CEDIA gives us a chance to celebrate our industry together and in person in a way that is not possible anywhere else. I plan to make the most of it and touch base with as many of my co-industry members as possible!

[Yeah, that’s right, I highlighted the “Julie Jacobson” part. - JJ]

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