CEDIA Trade Group Announces 2019 Elected Directors

By Robert Archer · November 7, 2018 • The CEDIA trade group has announced its new 2019 board of director members Peter Aylett, Michael Cogbill, Albert Mizrahi, and re-elected director Joe Whitaker.

Home-Technology Industry Braces for Tariff War: Are You Prepared?

By Jason Knott · November 2, 2018 • CEDIA, CTA, smart-home dealers and manufacturers share fears and strategies for impending tariff wars: on raising prices, absorbing costs, and communicating with clients while avoiding political arguments.

20th Century Fox EVP on the Future of VR and AI in Storytelling: CEDIA Podcast

By Andrew Nichols · November 1, 2018 • John Penney of 20th Century Fox says virtual reality and artificial intelligence will change the film industry, requiring new forms of content creation to support personalized, interactive story telling.