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LCD Production Process May Eliminate Global Warming Effects

Process uses pure fluorine for no global warming potential and more efficiency.

The Linde Group now has a production process that replaces the greenhouse gas nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) used to make LCDs and solar panels.

A recent report published in Geophysical Research Letters says this NF3 chemical in LCDs may contribute to global warming.

The Linde Group's process replaces NF3 with pure fluorine, which has no global warming effects, the company says.

This process uses on-site generation of fluorine gas to make production of LCDs more efficient and environmentally-friendly, according to the company.

"Eliminating NF3 from LCD and solar manufacturing makes environmental and economic sense," says Dean O’Connor, head of Solar Business, Linde Gases Division.

"Fluorine reduces non-productive cleaning time on the most expensive piece of equipment [and] improves customer throughput."

The Linde Group says its on-site fluorine generators have been installed at more than 20 semiconductor, LCD and solar cell production sites, including LG, Samsung and Toshiba Matsushita Display.

The report in the Geophysical Research Letters says NF3 is 17,000 times stronger than carbon dioxide, calling it a "missing greenhouse gas" that could double to 8,000 metric tons in 2009.

NF3 flushes out the by-products of chemical vapor deposition used in LCD panel production.

Flat screens and computer monitors use LCD panels that are made by depositing thin layers of silicon and other materials on the chamber walls.

Those deposits are removed by splitting NF3 to release fluorine, which converts the solid silicon to a gaseous compound that is pumped away.

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8 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Brian  on  07/19  at  09:53 PM

Uhhh…Global warming is the biggest scam in history. Please, do some research.

Posted by Tony  on  07/19  at  10:23 PM

True. Global warming is nothing but tool that some in the government want to use to to put you under their   control willingly. Look up all the facts at and learn to think for yourself.

Posted by Mark Schaffer  on  07/20  at  04:12 PM

The two posters above, especially the second one with the reference, are sadly mistaken.  For those interested in looking at the science I would suggest starting here:
They have handy links to actual research that has convinced all these science/social organizations:

Posted by phil  on  07/20  at  07:16 PM

Mark has been brain washed.

Posted by Mark Schaffer  on  07/21  at  12:10 PM

Does phil have any substantive comments addressing the science?  With cites?

Posted by Taz  on  07/21  at  01:03 PM

Mark, you sound smarter than me but even with my next comment, I know I am smarter than Brian, Tony and Phil…..
You three guys are idiots!
You have many decades of pouring pollution into the atmosphere that is equivalent in size to a few layers of varnish on a basket ball and you DON’T think this would cause a problem sometime??
I hope in a few decades, your kids will still forgive you for driving your SUV’s around on your own (an assumption, I know, but usually accurate)
Mark, thanks for the links grin
To the other idiots, I will choose to be as ignorant as you and take my email off this site so I don’t have to read any other dumb comments you and other cave dwellers write.

As to this article. Great news! Every little bit helps.
Have a good one grin

Posted by Ramon M. Nilo  on  07/22  at  01:55 AM


I want to know if I happened to get myself exposed to Nitrogen Triflouride (NF3) what would be the harmful effects to my health? I have been using LCD which I’m not aware if it contains this nefarious gas called NITROGEN TRIFLOURIDE (NF3. I’m now asking the customer service of this brand and waiting for their reply.

Posted by Mark Schaffer  on  07/22  at  10:43 AM

Hi Ramon,

Your LCD screen does not contain NF3 as it was used as a cleaning agent only.  The article above explains that NF3 is in the process of being replaced by a environmentally safe gas again only used during the manufacture of these screens.

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