GuardianA Public Safety Band Booster

SureCall a manufacturer of cellular amplification products, has just announced its new GuardianA 2-watt public safety band booster for large buildings.

The company says that its latest product amplifies in-building communications for critical channels to help support consistent signals for first responders and other safety officials.

The SureCall GuardianA safety band booster is a Class A bi-directional amplifier that supports the 700 and 800 MHz public safety frequency bands.

SureCall points out that newly constructed buildings or expansions are generally required to have a -95dBm minimum signal strength in designated areas in order to receive a certificate of occupancy.

Other features the GuardianA safety band booster offers include its compliance with NFPA 72/1221, IFC 510, and NEMA-4 rated amplifier housing codes.

Additionally, SureCall says the GuardianA provides these benefits:

  • It provides 32 independently controlled channels per band with features such as automatic gain control for each channel
  • The signal booster supports P25 P1/P2 digital and conventional analog communications simultaneously
  • SureCall incorporates an Ethernet port that includes its SureCall Sentry remote monitoring hardware
  • The unit comes with UPS battery backup options
  • When bands are not in use the GuardianA will remain inactive to save energy
  • SureCall backs the product with a five-year extended warranty option

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GuardianA Public Safety Band Booster
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