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Target Rolls Out Zip Express TV Installation

The TV delivery and installation program starts at $99 and includes TV on-wall installation starting at $199.

Target is leveraging its partnership with Zip Express Installation and rolling out a new TV delivery and installation service for customers who purchase TVs in Target stores.

Target’s nationwide TV delivery and installation service includes professional set-up, installation and demonstration, according to the company.

Check points ensure all HD connections are working properly, cables are organized, wires are hidden and that all packaging materials are removed. The service guarantees a three-hour delivery window, one-hour installation window and also is available for TVs not purchased at Target.

Here's how Target breaks down the program:
  • TV delivery and set-up starting at $99
  • TV on–wall installation starting at $199
  • TV recycling for $50
  • Video game console set-up for $99
  • Home network set-up for $99 (available on
Zip, which has a network of 16,000 installers, has partnered with countless retailers including, Office Depot , TigerDirect, CompUSA, Circuit City and BJ's Wholesale.

Target's TV and installation roll comes on the heals of Walmart and Sam's Club announcing an installation program run by NEW Customer Service Companies.

Best Buy offers installation through its Geek Squad. Sears, meanwhile, uses ServiceLive for its installation program.

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Tom LeBlanc, Senior Writer/Technology Editor, CE Pro
Tom has been covering consumer electronics for six years. Before that, he wrote for the sports department of the Boston Herald. Migrating to magazines, he was a staff editor for a golf publication and an outdoor sports publication. Now, as senior writer/technology editor of CE Pro magazine since 2003, he dabbles in all departments and offers expertise in marketing. Follow him on Twitter @leblanctom.

5 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Gil Geiger  on  01/21  at  10:03 AM

I am a member of one of these nationwide installtion companies and I haven’t won a job yet that I have bid on because these companies are getting rich selling these installations to consumers for the cost of what my company would normally charge then they turn around and pay the technicians a third of what they would normally get paid to install a flat screen. They are charging the customer 400 to 500 dollars for the installation and the techs are being paid 100.00. There is way to much liability alone for me to perform an installation for such a low cost. We all know the economy is bad and we are all in need of money as we always do, but as a Audio Visual Installation company or as a technician if you are one of the techs working for such a complete joke of what you and your skill set is worth you are only filling their pockets and bringing our entire industry down. I guess now every Joe Dick and Harry can call him self an A/V Installer and make that wopping 15.00 an hour. Stand up for your industry and say no to filling everyones pockets but your own.

Posted by Homesurround  on  01/21  at  10:27 AM

@ Gil Geiger

Amen, brother!!

Posted by Chris Mauzy  on  03/09  at  11:24 PM


It is unfortunate that you had such a bad experience with whatever marketplace you tried in the past.  I would love for you to call me personally as I would love to share our methodology and rates with you. 

Also, here is a way to think about it.  How much does it cost for you to acquire a customer?  We are a demand creation engine and you earn revenue on these jobs without having to pay the cost of acquiring the customer.  You will also find that $15 an hour (as you mentioned) is not even close to the rate we pay as the rate is far North of that.

I invite you to call me directly to continue the discussion 612-412-9401.  I am the President of Zip Express Installation and I await your call.

Sincerely, Chris Mauzy

Posted by Pat  on  03/22  at  06:50 PM

Hi Gil,

Why not give Mr. Mauzy a call rolleyes

Posted by Tori  on  08/04  at  02:00 PM

REALLY???? Zip express?  Well… now I am positive I WILL NEVER buy any electronics from Target if that is who the have contracted with for installations!  They are a NIGHTMARE!

I recently purchased an antenna system from them and the entire experience has now led me into a dispute w/ my credit card company because in the end of MANY errors on their part, and obviously folks NOT having a clue…their own technician refused to install the antenna at my home and they refused to take back their equipment and it sat in my home for 3 weeks till I filed the dispute w/my cc.  Now they have sent me repeated e-mails to take back the dispute claiming it will take longer for my refund…umm I ALREADY have been refunded by my cc company. It is NOW a matter of the company (Zip)to argue w/ the cc company and I am DONE!  I also put a stop payment on my cc in case they try and bill me again!

BEWARE of this company!

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