Music Hall a70.2 integrated ampliifer

Music Hall says it designed its new a70.2 integrated for users that desire a versatile and powerful all-in-one solution that brings together source devices ranging from iPhones and disc players, to TVs and turntables to create a simple to use amplification device that's compatible with a variety of media.


The 70.2 integrated amplifier from Music Hall carries an MSRP of $1,499 and it incorporates a dual-mono design that helps the amp section to produce 125 watts per channel, and it includes a range of inputs that are highlighted by an iPod/iPhone input and a MM phono input.

By Robert Archer
November 03, 2011
Within the audiophile community the company Music Hall has built a reputation for delivering a high level of performance at reasonable price points.

The New York-based company's latest product offers homeowners a reasonably priced all-in-one solution that incorporates everything a user will need to playback their vinyl, CD and other media collections without having to purchase a separate amplifier. The new a70.2 integrated amplifier employs a dual-mono amplifier design that are driven by two toroidal transformers that help the unit to deliver 125 watts of power to each channel. The a70.2 also includes CD, tuner, Aux, iPod, XLR and moving magnet (MM) phono inputs to accommodate everything from CD Players and iPhones, to turntables and TVs.

Music Hall also includes other options such as preamp outputs, headphone outputs, a detachable power cord for cabling upgrades and a dimmable vacuum florescent display to enable users to easily read the status of the unit.

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