Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault

The new M700 Disc Vault from Kaleidescape provides users with the ability to manage their growing Blu-ray disc collections, as well as their existing DVD and CD libraries.


Designed to support the company’s line of entertainment server products, the new $5,995 M700 Disc Vault from Kaleidescape stores as many as 320 Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs.

By Robert Archer
July 20, 2011
Back when the Sunnyvale, California company Kaleidescape launched its first product into the custom installation market it revolutionized the way consumers interacted with their DVD collections.

The latest incarnation of its media management product line just got bigger with the introduction of Kaleidescape's new M700 Disc Vault. This new product stores as many as 320 discs and it features provisions to manage Blu-ray disc collections. Kaleidescape says the unit's precision carousel automatically copies freshly loaded Blu-ray discs and stores them to enable homeowners to instantly access their movie collections.

Externally the M700 features a front-panel display that indicates the operational status of the unit with feedback that includes import progress, the number of discs in storage and the number of slots available in the carousel. Kaleidescape says its also built the M700 to stand up to years of use through the use of rugged assembly motors, a sturdy belt and an internal disc-retention shell.

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