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Pinnacle’s QP 1530 Speaker System Complements Video Sales

System provides installers with an attachment option that won't blow a client's budget out of whack.


By adding Pinnacle’s room friendly CS 88 in-corner subwoofer to the QP1530 system, installers can offer a speaker package with a small footprint at a competitive price point.

With big-box companies advertising custom installation services, it's becoming more difficult for consumers to discern the real benefits that well trained and experienced installers provide.

It is vitally important for privately owned installation companies to differentiate themselves beyond the quality of their installations.

One of the ways that installers can separate themselves from the mainstream is through a targeted approach throughout their entire scope of services.

Pinnacle's QP 1530 home theater speaker system is designed to provide installers with a competitively priced speaker package that can be used to address the concerns of price conscious clients as well as apartment and condo dwellers squeezed for space.

The system can also support installers' flat-panel television sales by providing them with an attachment option that won't blow a client's budget out of whack.

Small Footprint, Sleek Design

The QP 1530 System's primary attraction is its small footprint and sleek industrial design, which is highlighted by the QP 15 Tri-Channel on-wall speaker.

This single extruded-aluminum enclosure houses three speakers: left, center and right channels. Within the enclosure are separate chambers that house an acoustic-suspension design of three 1-inch pivoting titanium-dome tweeters for each channel, as well as a total of six 3-inch carbon graphite midrange drivers and six 3-inch carbon graphite woofers -- employed in sets of two for each channel -- and a quasi three-way system.

The three-channel system also features separate binding posts for each channel, Pinnacle's Automatic Overload Protection Circuitry, video shielding and amp friendly 90-dB sensitivity and 8-ohm impedance ratings.

The QP 15's companion surrounds in the system are a pair of QP3s. This speaker employs a similar driver array -- a 1-inch titanium-dome tweeter and a pair of 3-inch carbon graphite woofers housed within an aluminum enclosure.

At 86 dB, the QP3 is less sensitive than Tri-Channel, and its frequency response is rated 20 cycles higher at 100 Hz to 21 kHz. Filling out the bottom end is the company's CS 88 sub.

Setup is a Quick Unbox

Arriving in four manageable-sized boxes, I was able to take the system home and quickly unbox it, placing the QP15 under my Vutec SilverStar screen.

I then placed the QP3s and CS 88 sub on top of Auralex decoupling pads in the rear and corner of my 12-foot x 23-foot room.

Using WireWorld's Insta-Wire terminated with spades, I was surprised that I was able to access the recessed cavity on the back of the speakers to connect the speakers to my Bryston amp.

Wrapping up the setup, I set the crossover points and the output levels, delay times and output settings.

Crispy Out of the Box, But Disappears After Break-in

In keeping with my standard practices, I first listened to the system right from the box.

Popping in both multichannel music and movie content, I felt the system sounded a little crispy in the lower treble region, but figured that could disappear after break-in.

With about 40 hours on the system, I started listening with Rush's "Snakes and Arrow" MVI disc, surround content from HD broadcasts and DVDs and the edginess I heard earlier had indeed largely disappeared.

I could, however, still hear traces of it on Neil Peart's ride cymbal, for example, during the song "The Way the Wind Blows."

It also took some tweaking on my part to dial in the integration of the sub to the rest of the system. Finally, after backing off the level from my Bryston preamp and the gain on the sub, I felt satisfied.

With video content, the QP 15's dispersion extended well beyond the parameters of its enclosure and the QP3s filled in the rest of the soundstage.

Video Playback Outshines Multichannel Music

With a little work on the setup side to ensure a smooth and cohesive listening experience, the QP 1530 system, along with the CS 88 sub, can be a nice audio solution for installers dealing with the concerns of clients not wanting a big, expensive speaker system in their homes.

I found the system's performance to lend itself more to video playback than multichannel music, which, depending on the mix, can be hot with the LFE channel.

With that said, though, I think the Pinnacle package provides a nice opportunity for attachment sales in these days of commodity video.

MSRP for the QP 1530 System is $2,599. MSRP for the CS 88 powered subwoofer is $1,195.

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