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Netflix 3D Streaming Coming Soon?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says 3D streaming is "something we can do and we will be looking at."

Netflix 3D Streaming

Photo via Device Magazine

The rumor that Netflix will offer 3D streaming is certainly nothing new. But CEO Reed Hastings is fueling the fire, saying Netflix is indeed working on a little something for its 3D-capable subscribers.

In a conference call last week, Hastings said (via GigaOM) Netflix is renting 3D Blu-rays. He couldn’t comment on the popularity of that offering, only saying that disc rentals were down overall. “On streaming, that is definitely something we can do and we will be looking at,” Hastings said.

You probably shouldn’t hold your breath. After all, Netflix said it was planning to offer game rentals, and that is not happening. Hastings made that announcement during the same call. Netflix first said it would pursue that option during last summer’s Quickster fiasco.

There’s no word on how far off 3D streaming is (or if it will ever happen). For now, Netflix plans to keep popping up on more devices, as well as launch Netflix for Kids. Netflix is also working on creating separate streaming queues for families and adding more original programming to its lineup.

Will 3D Netflix streaming breathe any life into 3D? Sound off in the comments.

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15 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Jason  on  02/01  at  02:54 AM

Sure they’ll offer 3D for all the out dated movies they cannot seem to update wink

Posted by JohnA  on  02/01  at  11:00 AM

Netflix for kids is already out, I have it on my Wii.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/01  at  11:04 AM

Hey JohnA: You’re right! As far as I know, though, it’s only available on the Wii. I think the company is focused on getting it out to other Netflix-compatible devices. Sorry if that was confusing.

Posted by David  on  02/01  at  06:32 PM

I’m a Netflix subscriber, and I’d be very interested in streaming 3D movies.

Posted by Don-Nice  on  02/02  at  09:13 PM

If Netflix streams 3D it will really increase the sales of 3D tvs and there will be NO doubt about it’s future.

Posted by Enrique  on  02/02  at  09:29 PM

Netflix needs to offer BETTER quality in terms of Video & Audio, not the garbage they offer now, before they even consider 3D

Posted by Chad  on  02/07  at  03:00 PM

I called them after I bought my 3d tv a couple months ago and was told that it was not possible to stream 3d.  Then I pressed the VUDU button on my remote which happens to sit next the NETFLIX button and low and behold…. VUDU does stream 3d and works and looks Awesome on the tv.  NETFLIX needs to get the sh!t together or they can accept my resignation of their services.  Btw it’s a Visio tv if anyone was wondering.

Posted by Kaizar  on  02/21  at  04:25 PM

I know that 3D videos are in 60 fps per video and show 2 different perspectives (1 in each Video), but both VUDU & Blockbuster have been streaming 3D Movies for more than a year now.

And both YouTube & Hulu have also been Streaming 3D Videos for over a year now.

And Hulu said that they are getting 3D Movies later this year for Hulu Plus.

So why is Netflix the only Streaming Service to not have any 3D Streaming?

Posted by Daniel  on  02/26  at  09:14 PM

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says that Netflix currently rents 3D blu rays, though I don’t see any indication on Netflix that this is true. Am I missing something? There are some movies with 3D in the title but it’s unclear if they are actually in 3D. Why don’t I have the option to rent Avatar in 3D, for example??

Posted by John  on  02/27  at  05:41 PM

Daniel, bad exemple for the 3D options…

So far Avatar in Blu-Ray 3D cannot be purchased or rented in stores, it can however be bought from lucky people like me on Amazon, and the only way to be ¨lucky¨ is to buy a Panasonic 3d Tv model and Avatar is free (was and still is on most models), thats what i did and btw everyone thinks it’s superior to the Imax Theater quality!

Of course it forces you to buy a Blu-Ray 3d player if you don’t have one. But they usualy have deals, got mine as an extra deal from my 50 inch 3D plasma Tv: 799$ at BB before and during Black Friday, the extra was the top of the line Panasonic WIFI Blu-ray 3d player + 2 active 3d glasses for 200$ a steal i saved like 500$ total, total investment 1300$ including taxes.
The reason for me writting all of this info is simple…believe it or not Avatar was a real convincing deal maker in my choice of company, plasma, size, 3d instead of 2d,  active 3d as opposed to passive 3d and of course the package deal as a whole. The other package deal was 3 free 3d blu-ray’s of my choice on a LG LED 3d package deal, i opted for Avatar! :-D

Posted by Christina  on  03/08  at  02:03 AM

Okay so i just bought a new led 3d tv and i havea couple 3d blu ray’s that ive bought but so far $60 plus tax ive spent, im not particular on buying movies since i tend to not usually watch them over & over again. That being said direct only offers a few 3d channels one including espn the other only shows with once in a while cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I am a subscriber to netflix streaming and by mail. Although i see 3d movies such as step up 3d and spykids 3d but in blu ray and dvd 2d content. If someone knows how to find the 3d to rent please help me i dont care if its not streaming ill order by mail i just want more 3d content!!! Dont get me wrong i love hd blu ray but u dont know what ur missing until u have it and my 3d tv beats theatre quality ANYDAY!!! If u can help me actually tell me where to find it id appreciate it thanks. Also ive searched blockbuster & hulu but dont actually see to watch 3d….. If i find something else company that offers it ill gladly use it.

Posted by Tom  on  03/17  at  01:39 PM

go to 3D   They have all the 3D you want… cool smile

Posted by Ysha  on  03/25  at  02:23 PM

I have a 3d samsung tv and just purchased a 3d samsung blu ray surround sound. It allows me to convert any 2d movie into 3d with one push of the button. Thanks goodness because I am not a fan of purchasing movies, let alone a 3d blue ray for $50 and 60!

Posted by james braselton  on  04/15  at  02:58 PM

hi   there hope soo and soon   too i have sony 32 inch 3d bravia tv with comcast   comcast 3d movies are only   $6.99   and my lg thrill 3d phone has mspot and there 3d movies   are   also   only   $6.99   block buster app has 3d   movies for   only   $14.99   for 3d movies   soo if netflix gose   3d for $7.99 too   $13.99   for 3d movies would be reasonable

Posted by Alastair  on  05/07  at  02:23 PM

Well, I have a 3D television and am looking forward to more 3d compatible services, such as netflix streaming 3d television series’  and movies. I also think that a 3d service would open up a whole new range of customers and would help kick-start the 3D industry.

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