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Remote Automation Spotlight
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Inside NFL Legend John Elway’s High-Tech Home

Legendary NFL quarterback John Elway enjoys new conveniences by blending a wireless Vantage lighting system with older components.

When NFL legend John Elway sees something he likes, he sticks with it. The former quarterback played his entire professional career with the Denver Broncos, leading the team to six AFC Championship Games and two Super Bowl victories.

He also still lives in the house he bought more than 20 years ago, a 15,000-square-foot residence teeming with trophies, awards and photos commemorating his illustrious career.

Despite the nostalgic decor, John and his wife Paige are completely in the here and now when equipping their 30-year-old residence with systems that add to their convenience and lifestyle. “I’ve always embraced new technologies,” says Elway. “I’ve worked with Keith Russell (of MVPAudio/Video in Denver) for years, and he keeps me up to date on new systems and products that could make my house more convenient.”

New Additions Join Old Favorites

The modifications have been many over the years. Some have involved minor updates, such as the time the Elways swapped the mammoth rear-projection TV in their family room for a flat-panel display. The new 60-inch Sharp Aquos Quattron LED TV went into the same cabinet the rear-projection set had occupied. “He could have certainly put that panel on the wall or bought a new cabinet, but John isn’t one to spend money just to have the latest and greatest,” says Russell.

Other changes have been more significant, like the addition of a tricked-out outdoor entertainment area and dedicated home theater in the lower level.

Through every alteration and addition, the Elways have managed to preserve the casual, comfortable, family-friendly feel of the home they’ve grown to love. The same goes for technology. The URC remote that the kids bought John for Christmas a few years back is still used in the family room, and one of the first touchpanels to hit the market back in the late 1990s continues to operate the home theater. Even the theater’s surround-sound system and screen have remained virtually unchanged for 14 years.

Wireless Lighting Weighs In

“John really lives by the belief that ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it,’” says Russell. Lighting, however, was one part of the house that John and Paige knew needed updating. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run down to the basement to turn off the lights,” John says. “I was really intrigued when Keith told me there were systems that would let me turn off all the lights in the house from one button by my side of the bed.”

The challenge would be finding a system that was robust enough to control potentially hundreds of lighting loads, yet could be installed easily in an existing home. A wireless system would be the best option, according to Russell. The Elways agreed. “The key for us is that it be wireless so that we wouldn’t have to tear up the house to add new wiring,” adds John.

Because Russell’s specialty is audio and video, he put John and Paige in touch with fellow custom electronics professional Tim Thurmond from Denver-based Precision Media Solutions. Thurmond, who has several years of experience designing and installing sophisticated residential lighting systems, recommended Vantage’s InFusion system for its communications range and programming flexibility for large homes.

Although the InFusion system is very robust and capable of controlling every light, as well as thermostats, A/V gear and a host of other electronic devices, the Elways chose to tie in only the lights on the main floor. Thurmond equipped the home with four processors, though, so the system would be able to handle the integration of additional lights later on, which the Elways say is definitely in their playbook.

The installation of those first 95 Vantage EasyTouch II keypads did very little to disrupt the Elways’ home or lifestyle, and took a little over two weeks to complete. Instead of carving out new holes in the walls for the keypads, the team at Precision Media Solutions installed them in place of the home’s old dimmer switches. Some of the locations could be considered a bit odd in today’s modern homes - such as the replacement keypad installed on the side of the kitchen cabinet, but as Thurmond explains, after 20 years of living in the house the Elways were comfortable operating the lights from that spot. “We didn’t add a single new location for a lighting control,” he says, “but chose to stick with the locations that had been established years ago.

Lighting Control: Vantage
Whole-House Audio: Sonos
Remote Controls: Logitech, URC
Motorized Shades: BTX
Speakers, Subwoofers: B&W, Electro-Voice, Monitor Audio, SpeakerCraft, Velodyne
Displays: Samsung, Sharp, Stewart Filmscreen
The master bedroom features a wall-mounted 60-inch Samsung TV and Monitor Audio surround-sound speakers. Vantage EasyTouch II keypads positioned near the bed let the Elways control the room lights, while a Logitech Harmony remote handles the A/V and motorized window shades and drapes.

Although they may reside in the same locations as the old-style dimmers, the new keypads are significantly more efficient at operating the lights. Each button is labeled to turn on and off a specific light fixture or group of fixtures. Press CHANDELIER, and the chandelier turns on, for example. Sconces, floor lamps and recessed lights are controlled in a similar manner.

In addition to operating the lights individually, the keypads can also command groups of lights, and open and close BTX motorized window shades and drapes. The Elways are in the process of nailing down these groups, or “scenes,” but one that’s already being used, called COOKIES, illuminates a pathway from the master bedroom to the kitchen. It was designed specifically for Paige, “who happens to be quite a night owl,” says John. “I’ve always felt that the right lighting is so important for the inside of the house and outside, so we’re playing with the program to create scenes for the early evening, when we would typically have friends over.”

Lighting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to entertaining at the Elways. A Sonos whole-house music system, also chosen for its wireless design, distributes music from Rhapsody and Pandora to built-in speakers throughout the house and outdoors. The speakers were originally wired to a system that’s been long discontinued, “and therefore difficult to service,” says Russell.

Each room with a TV, including the covered outdoor entertainment area with a 46-inch Samsung LED TV, is connected to its own suite of video components (Blu-ray players and Apple TV receivers), again a decision made due to the complexities and disruption involved with rewiring the home for audio and video distribution.

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Inside NFL Legend John Elway’s High-Tech Home

Remote Automation Spotlight
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26 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Really  on  10/23  at  09:22 PM

He has a Harmony remote? This has to be the most underwhelming spread ever!

Posted by KT  on  04/30  at  03:27 PM

Wow, can I get the last 3 minutes of my life back? Very underwhelming. Next they’ll say he has a clapper.

I have better stuff in my 1200 square foot apartment in Harvard Square.

Posted by chad  on  05/01  at  05:39 PM

The dolby pro-logic must be rad!

Posted by Ken Seachrist  on  05/08  at  10:49 AM

Nice to see a guy with that much money and affluence not just throwing it around to impress people.  I didn’t appreciate Elway when he refused to sign with the Colts, but I respect him as a player and as an NFL excecutive.  Smart guy, and well grounded!  Wonder what car he drives?

Posted by bbonifacius  on  05/10  at  06:15 AM

This is what passes for high tech these?  Really?  This is a joke!

Posted by Jon  on  05/12  at  02:15 PM

I assume he has more than one car, so I’m passing on info from the Denver news media which had a photo of him in a Bentley convertible - only info I have !

Posted by Jes  on  05/15  at  10:00 AM

This is a joke right? I’ve got a better setup in my home office than this guy has throughout his whole house. It just looks like he may have had a high tech home 20 years ago and spruced it up by adding conventional upgrades which appear to be far from done.

Posted by ted  on  05/22  at  08:39 PM

High tech?I would say obsolete

Posted by Bob  on  05/26  at  11:20 PM

Wow, lots of whining going on. 

He doesnt blow money on shit he does’nt need.

Posted by ursula  on  06/11  at  05:46 PM

how ugly is this home! invest in some modern furniture and look!!! eeek

Posted by Carrieann  on  06/17  at  06:07 PM

Is he selling his house?  Why else would you show your private living space to the public?  Didn’t see anything so great to ooh and awe at!

Posted by Gus  on  06/18  at  12:25 PM

The point of the article is to show how he is reserved and conservative.  Looking for high tech to throw money around to impress people is a joke; this brings new found respect for Elway.  I ran into Manning and he too was conservative and was truly driving a Buick.  You idiots making minimum wage I’m sure are maxed out on credit to try to impress others…  That is the biggest joke of all…..

Posted by Steve  on  06/20  at  10:29 AM

Kinda looks like the tech I just upgraded from three years ago….I guess for Colorado we should be expecting this…? Tech doesn’t make it to the mountains…? Or maybe it’s cause he’s old…

Posted by mip  on  06/27  at  01:34 PM

They said hitech not state of the art. But, Id trade all your 1700 sq. ft apartment for elways house anyday anytime. I bet he has a better yard too, oh thats right you dont have a yard he has a ranch   hes awesome and his home is awesome. he owns several car dealerships in denver and around so he probably drives anything he wants.

Posted by Walter Shope  on  06/30  at  06:01 PM

Hey, did anyone notice the first picture? The home theater picture…I swear that looks like Tim Tebow in the center! Maybe a ghost of his past? Wow…sure looks like him!

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