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How Long Should it Take to Terminate Cables?

At CEDIA Expo, integrators successfully terminate Cat 5 and coax cable in competition. How do your technicians compare?

Terminating cable in the field is a time-consuming part of any technician’s job. Just how long should it take to do it properly?

Judging from the skillsets displayed by some installers, not long.

Distributor ADI once again held its Skills Challenge at CEDIA Expo 2012 where technicians were invited to try their hand at fishing cable and terminating coax, Cat 5 and audio cable. As part of the competition, technicians used the proper tool and then had to test the signal integrity.

In this video, Brent Remole of Cornerstone Electric and Media Services in High Point, N.C. successfully terminates this Cat 5 in 2 minutes, 29 seconds using the proper stripper tool.

In this video, Bill McGinnis of Sherman’s Homeworks in Peoria, Ill. successfully terminates an F Connector onto a coax cable in less than 45 seconds using a crimper.

How do your technicians compare in the field? Is that average, fast or slow? Show your installers these videos and let us know their reactions.



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7 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by dan  on  11/28  at  12:07 PM

2 minutes 29 seconds - for one end?

What was the winning time?

Did they need to use those specific tools, or did you just have to make a successfully tested cable?

Posted by Joe Whitaker  on  11/28  at  12:31 PM

Cat 5 in 2 minutes, 29 seconds is a little too long. Well way to long when you consider labor cost. I am in no way an Uber installer by any means but there is a video on Platinum Tools website banging one out in a little under a minute…. All while casually talking…with only one tool. I think the ante should be raised on this one!

Posted by 1TCH  on  11/28  at  07:19 PM

Joe~ he terminated one side of the cable and didn’t test for signal integrity. Both cats didn’t need to worry about the wire clippings. I’m ok with a longer time as long as the termination is done right, once and kept clean! What I liked about both cat termination video clips that needs to be pointed out: ezRJ45! Termination of cat cable has never been easier.

Posted by Jamie Laine  on  11/29  at  06:06 AM

Wow - 2 minutes and 29 seconds. our techs can make a patch cable in under a minute! We have had a tech that could do a patch cable in under 25 seconds - tested and they pass!

was that the guys first time ?

Posted by 39CentStamp  on  11/30  at  03:33 AM

Im pretty quick with terminations. I use EZRJ’s and Liberty Compression F connectors.

For Cat5’s i use a cheapo jacket stripper then i manually untwist the conductors and straighten them. I use a pair of close cutting snips to even up the conductors and the EZRJ tool to terminate. I can terminate a single end in 20-25 seconds.

For F connectors i use my very old ThomasBetts it1000. I can terminate a single end in 10-15 seconds.

I just tried each of these twice. I would love to see/hire the guy who can make an RJ45/Cat5 patch cable in 25 seconds. I might have been able to pull it off when my eye sight was better and before i started suffering from carpel tunnel. Damn computers and tiny termination parts/tools are ruining my hands!

Posted by Jeff  on  11/30  at  01:13 PM

Cable terminating shouldn’t be a contest, it should just be done correctly.

Posted by Dan  on  12/01  at  11:50 AM

And to do it correctly, one should be doing it faster than 2.5 minutes for one end. I think it might have been his first time, because you can hear someone telling him the pin out for the end.

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