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Gamers Ripe for High-End A/V Systems, Research Shows

Nielsen Research Group and THX find that gamers use surround sound systems, high-end video products.

Gaming and A/V

Video Connectivity

This year, falling HDTV prices along with the increase of Blu-ray, HD-DVD and HD game titles will continue to drive adoption of HD technology among gamers.

The Nielsen data shows that PS3 owners are the most connected to HD displays, followed closely by Xbox 360 and Wii owners. Across all consoles owners, LCD is the HD display technology of choice, followed by plasma display and rear projection TVs.

What about connections? Component cables remain the most widely used for connecting consoles to displays.

However, the availability of HDMI inputs on next generation consoles, like the PS3, will continue to drive HDMI adoption.

- 71% of PS3 consoles were connected to an HD display (either LCD, plasma, front/rear projector).
- 66% of Xbox 360 and 65% of Wii were connected to an HD display.

Source: THX Gaming Study, The Nielsen Company, 2007

The Numbers Game

What do all these numbers mean?

The console gamer represents a massive opportunity for all CE manufacturers, dealers and installers. In fact, gamers could be the next generation of audiophiles, replacing the aging vinyl and the original Star Wars crowd.

They could be the driving force behind the move to 7.1 and beyond.

The challenge for the CE industry is getting gamers to realize the impact of high quality home audio and video gear on their overall gaming experience.

Manufacturers, installers and dealers alike will need to create a step-up market from desktop systems and HTiBs to high-end in-walls and feature-rich AVRs as gaming consoles continue to make their way into living rooms.

But, before any of this can happen, the industry must get a better understanding of who and what they are dealing with.

Don't make generalizations about gamers. Do the research. Understand their behavior.

Realize that video game consoles are not just another component in the rack, but rather a hub for all entertainment content.

Graham McKenna is the Sr. Manager of Global PR for THX Ltd. For more information, visit

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9 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Brad  on  12/12  at  01:18 PM

Hey Sony… bitstream audio on the PS3!  Infra-red remote wouldn’t hurt either!

Posted by Brad  on  12/12  at  01:20 PM

Uh….I meant to say, give “us” bitstream audio on the PS3!

Posted by Irfan  on  12/12  at  05:07 PM

Doesnt HD front projetor, HD rear projector and HD DLP have some overlap in there? 

i cant believe DLP would only be 2%.

Posted by Andy Anonymous  on  12/12  at  06:01 PM

I think this article has got it backwards. I believe the truth is that early adopters of high-end home theater are more likely to choose the PS3, not the other way around. And that is because such people tend to be more worried about the specs of the console than the actual library of games it offers.

Posted by SayWhat  on  12/21  at  03:12 PM

How EXACTLY can you take these results when they claim 14% of Wii owners use it to watch movies…Ummm, what?

Posted by razerangel  on  12/21  at  03:53 PM

correct me if im wrong but doesnt the ps3 support Bitstream audio since one of the firmware updates?

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  12/26  at  10:10 AM

How EXACTLY can you take these results when they claim 14% of Wii owners use it to watch movies…Ummm, what?

LOL, good point. So basically people were answering based on what they wished they could do, I guess?

correct me if im wrong but doesnt the ps3 support Bitstream audio since one of the firmware updates?

That’s listed in the options menu now, yup.

Posted by Joel B Smith  on  04/28  at  07:43 AM

What is THX? (something tells me it’s a dumb question:D)

Posted by Lee Distad  on  04/28  at  12:22 PM

And you would be correct, Joel!  smile

But don’t worry, we’re all here to learn new stuff.

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