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7 More iPhone Applications for Home Automation

Control4, Crestron, Lifeware latest to add iPhone interfaces for home automation.

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone.

It certainly was one of the hottest topics at CEDIA Expo 2008 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

Crestron, Lifeware and Savant are among the latest to offer iPhone interfaces for clients' home control systems.

Crestron hung the biggest iPhone ever from its booth to announce its iPhone application.

The iPhone will most certainly be increasingly integrated into the home control and automation systems of your clients.

Its wireless capabilities, feature-set and ability to remotely control the home will make it a staple in the home automation industry.

And we think this is just the beginning. Home automation dealers seem to have figured it out: iPhone interfaces can further simplify clients' lives.

We rounded up seven of the first iPhone home control apps to hit the market.

Click here to view seven of the latest.

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6 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Casey Benjamin  on  09/12  at  09:21 AM

I have great hope for Savant, but for a company who’s Control System is native OSX, you think there GUI would look more modern and less like a 1990s Crestron GUI, definitely the ugly duckling.

Not mentioned was the Kaleidescape SATP interface for browsing Kaleidescape music on an iPod or iTouch. Of course it’s still in development by one of Kscapes original founders, who knows if it will see the light of day. It was very elegant, mimicking the cover art view of Kscape but much easier to navigate thanks to the iTouch gestures.

Posted by M.O.  on  09/12  at  03:26 PM

Great idea folks… !?!

try to :
- how will your family control your home while you´re away or at the phone ? Do you phine with your iphone ? Are you away sometimes? Will it waste as well energy from your battery-life
- stop musik when the iphone is ringing at the same time
- control your house when battery is low
ect. ect.

And finally - it´s nothing anybody will pay for a lot so who´s gonna pay for more than just a few nice gimmics (if your phone doesn´t ring, too?!)...

Great news…. more applications on non professional products…

Posted by DD  on  09/12  at  06:48 PM

M.O., i keep hearing this argument that the iphone is a bad platform for remote control because you take it with you. i can almost swallow that, but what about the touch? now that the new version is out, i plan to pick one up and have it as whole house controller. it’ll stay in the house and be used for as many things as the developers can come up with - wifi remote, checking security cams, heck, i can even check email or the weather on it. i won’t need a lot of space on it since it will be controlling the media server, the smallest 8Gb will do just fine.

Posted by Pablo Alvarez  on  09/16  at  04:31 PM

I can’t find Control4 app in iTunes Store (My Home UI)...... I seek from friday.  I have a Control4 system and it could be too interesting to test.

Posted by Chuck Hudson  on  03/12  at  12:28 PM

The first app shown in the pictures is the Control4 app My House.  You can find it on the apple itunes store under “Control4” or “My House”.  It can control lighting, a/v, security, hvac, motorized control and more.

Posted by Anuya  on  09/13  at  10:46 PM

Wow, this looks slick..I suppose you could choose one over a 4X..You don’t even need an iPhone! The iPod Touch is fully supported.I read on Crestron web site its fully integrated with the development tools just as any other panel..All Kit FM transmitter

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