4 Biggest Loudspeaker Placement Mistakes

Installing speakers over bed and improper distancing to form sweet spot are common errors.

4 Biggest Loudspeaker Placement Mistakes
Speakers should be placed the same distance apart from each other as they are from the listener sitting in the "sweet spot."
Rich Apgar · May 27, 2010

There are a few old rules about loudspeaker placement that veteran CE pros and new technicians should never forget.

Here are the four biggest mistakes to avoid.

Installing in-wall speakers on side walls - When you face the speakers toward each other, you cancel out most of mid-range. The speakers will sound like they were placed in a metal trash can.

Not considering “Sweet Spot” when distancing speakers - The left and right speakers should form an equilateral triangle with a “sweet spot,” which is the area where you sit the most. Speakers should be the same distance apart from each other as they are from your listening area.

By not placing the stereo speakers apart by equal distance, you will not get true stereo imaging. The listener’s ears will not be able to vector where the true sound is emitting. The worst case is when you place a speaker in one corner and the other in the opposite corner. The result is that you have left and right, but not stereo.

Installing loudspeakers over bed - When installing speakers in a bedroom, do not install over the bed. This will result in the loss of stereo imaging. They should be installed at the foot of the bed area.

Placing subs in rear next to furniture - If you place the sub too close to the listening area, the listener will feel like he or she is being pounded with a pillow. Place the subwoofer on the same plane as the stereo speakers in the front. By placing it in a corner area, it will give you added bass.

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