M9 Loudspeakers

Developed as a statement audio product, the three-quarter of a million dollar per pair Magico M9 are said to deliver, “the most delicate musical passages with transparency and stunning microdynamic detail.”

Magico explains the four-way, six driver M9 utilizes an enclosure made with inner and outer skins of carbon fiber, and an aluminum honeycomb core.

Internally, the floor standing loudspeaker employs a beryllium-diamond dome tweeter, along with woofers and midrange drivers that incorporate Nano-Tec cones, Neodymium magnets, and three, four and five-inch respective voice coils on vented Titanium formers.

Augmenting this hardware, is the Magico Analog Crossover (MXO) module that includes a separate power supply.

The company states the external MXO unit uses Linkwitz-Riley filters to deliver a 24dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency of 120Hz.

Magico adds a pair of M9s require two stereo amplifiers or four monaural amplifiers to drive the speakers.

The 80-inch tall, 1,000-pound per pair 4-ohm speaker is 94dB sensitive, and its frequency response is 18Hz to 50kHz.

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$750,000 per pair