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Quest for Quality Winners 2012

The integrator community shares why manufacturers and distributors earn their keep in our second annual Quest for Quality Awards.



Control4 provides a call-back service, fast response, in-depth product and integration knowledge, respect for the level of expertise of the dealer, and is a genuine, consistent solution provider. All of this combines to make a great supplier, especially when you are in the field trying to complete a project.”

Audio Design Associates went digging through their attic to find me an interface that would assist me in programming one of their systems, which they did with a smile and included the custom cable required to communicate with the system - without my asking. They held my hand when I had trouble with communications between my laptop and their system, walking me through step by step to ensure all was well before letting me hang up the phone.”

Sales & Marketing Assistance

Platinum: SpeakerCraft
Gold: Lutron
Silver: Paradigm/Anthem

Your Take: “[SpeakerCraft president] Jeremy Burkhardt comes to town once a year in my region and puts on one of the best trainings - which is never a ‘training’ but a way to consider doing things to grow your business or just help you battle to stay in business. He only takes but a few moments to talk about his products.”

Their take: “Our [sales and marketing] department regularly receives requests for customized ads, signage, product shots, presentations and other sales and marketing tools. Often, we create these materials on the fl y. Our goal is to provide innovative and effective marketing materials to our sales force so that they can sell Paradigm products knowledgeably in a way that shows the customer why Paradigm and Anthem are the better choice. Their ongoing success means we are doing our job.” - Paradigm/Anthem

Warranty Policies

Platinum: SnapAV
Gold: Epson
Silver: LiteTouch

Your Take: “No questions ever asked when I say a product isn’t working. SnapAV quickly gets me a replacement the next day.”

“[I told Epson that I] had a projector lamp that lasted 720 hours. They immediately stated, ‘That’s not acceptable!’ Upon getting them the serial number off the unit, they sent out a replacement pronto.”

LiteTouch, with its Limited Lifetime warranty, prevented the second wave of costs for electronic controls.”

Shipping Policies

Platinum: Niles Audio
Gold: AMX
Silver: Runco

Your Take: “Upon becoming aware of a faulty batch of multizone systems, Niles arranged for the supply of replacement stock, plus the return of the faulty product, plus compensation to cover the additional costs of swapping out the systems. They recognized what needed to be done to restore their client’s faith, and acted immediately.”

Their Take: “Our representatives take personal ownership of each request and see each client through to delivery, doing their best to exceed expectations. For instance, a customer recently called us and said they needed two products delivered directly to a homeowner the next day. So one of our representatives used his lunch hour to drive to the warehouse, pick up the units and program them specifically for this system, then shipped them via next-day air.” - Niles Audio

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Arlen Schweiger
Arlen Schweiger is managing editor of CE Pro and Commercial Integrator magazines. Arlen contributes installation features, business profiles, manufacturer news and product reviews.

3 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Huh?  on  04/01  at  03:19 AM

Really? Snap AV? Quest for quality?  I hope they pay well

Posted by Confused  on  04/02  at  07:07 PM

@ Huh? - I don’t get it…these awards are voted on by dealers. Are you suggesting Snap AV somehow paid to be included? That they didn’t receive votes?

Posted by Yeah SnapAV  on  04/03  at  08:55 PM

I have to say I gave vigorously tested SnapAV HDMI extenders and switchers with long haul solutions and they are equivalent to products 8 times the price and out perform every product 3x their price.

Their willingness to advance replace products before every other possible issue has been examined just to be certain it isn’t their product is a great asset.

I was a name brand snob for a long time and looked at SnapAV as a RadioShack equivalent because of their terrible branding with the bright colors at their first few CEDIA’s.

After doing business with them I am thoroughly impressed with everything they offer.

I recommend watching their video about how they can keep costs so low compared to competition, the answer is they take less margin and transfer that to the dealer.

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