SpeakerCraft at CEDIA Expo 2009: Nirv or Nudity?

By Tom LeBlanc
August 04, 2009
Count me among those who enjoy Speakercraft's theatrics. I'm looking forward to what the company has in store for CEDIA Expo 2009

Not just what Speakercraft president Jeremy Burckhardt referred to as "the largest product introduction ever," which we now know is the Nirv IP-based 1080p multiroom audio/video solution, but also whatever whacky theme Speakercraft will create in its booth.

A couple of years back it had an Eastern theme, complete with geisha booth attendants. Last year, well, I'm not really sure what that was. Some sort of exotic dance thing that included nearly-naked women (and men).

CE Pro had a lot of fun with it, asking readers if Speakercraft's booth was "awesome or annoying?" and getting about 150 comments. Many of the comments were negative and fell into two categories:
  • The near-nudity is offensive
  • The company should be spending its money on dealer support, not showmanship
I disagree with both of these points. SpeakerCraft is supporting its dealers by going the extra mile to build its brand.

High-performance speaker companies have always looked to reinforce their brand stories. The speakers and their stories are supposed to be unique and subjective. Not everybody is supposed to like every speaker.

Speakercraft’s brand story is that it’s the company that’s, you know, kind of out there. Some people hate it, some people love it.

As for CEDIA Expo 2009, Speakercraft has been coy about its booth plans. But an invitation to the Speakercraft press conference says:

"You will have the chance to see the first glimpse of the most ambitious electronics rollout in SpeakerCraft’s history as well as many other uh…er…things."

I can't wait to see what those uh…er…things are.

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