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Paramount, Universal to Be Free if Toshiba Drops HD DVD

"Transformers" on Blu-ray already showing up on retail listings.

Paramount and Universal, the only two studios still exclusively supporting HD DVD, will be "immediately released from their commitments" if Toshiba, as widely reported, drops the format this week.

That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which cites a person "familiar with the situation."

Warner Bros., which announced before CES that it would be halting HD DVD production in May, would also immediately freed from any agreement.

We've already seen reports of HD DVD titles on Blu-ray in the wild, as our friends at EngadgetHD are showing a retail listing for Transformers on Blu-ray. It's a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt, but we know that director Michael Bay is happy.

Last August, Paramount and Dreamworks switched from providing their movies on both formats to HD DVD exclusivity, with a reported $150 million payout from Toshiba and crew.

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12 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Jason Unger  on  02/18  at  11:13 AM

I’m just hoping the “Heroes: Season 1” is one of the first discs Universal ports over ...

Posted by Fanbo01i  on  02/18  at  01:14 PM

Long live HD DVD!!

Posted by Ben Drawbaugh  on  02/18  at  01:16 PM

Responding to your own posts Jason?

Posted by Web Dev  on  02/18  at  01:33 PM

I suspect Jason was investigating some reported problems with comments… which is what I’m doing as well.

Posted by Web Dev  on  02/18  at  01:36 PM

So the rumor mill has decided that Microsoft will have a Blu-Ray add-on for the 360 by May. (And yes, I’m still testing, but so far haven’t had any problems posting comments.)

Posted by Ben Drawbaugh  on  02/18  at  01:47 PM

That would make more sense and wouldn’t be nearly as funny.

Posted by Web Dev  on  02/18  at  01:51 PM

Well, Jason *does* get lonely so it could be he was just talking to himself… smile

Posted by Michael Bay  on  02/18  at  02:19 PM

about time the world turns Blu! Finally I can watch my own movie on my PS3 in HD!

Posted by Jason Unger  on  02/18  at  02:24 PM

I really DO want Heroes Season 1. I’m just saying.

Posted by BluFett  on  02/18  at  10:36 PM

William Wallace: “FREEDOM!”

Posted by Web Dev  on  02/18  at  10:54 PM

Well I want Heroes Season 1, too. I’d take Firefly and Serenity on Blu-Ray too, thank you very much.

Posted by James  on  02/19  at  01:05 PM

I think the whole debate has been a waste of time. I knew who was going to win before it started and everybody else did to even though the didn’t want to admit it.

Blu-ray, what does that make us think of, oceans, beach, the sun, marine life, it subjects beautiful images, thoughts and memories.

HD DVD, well you tell me, pretty much nothing except HD DVD, how did they expect to even compete with a title such as Blu-ray with that simplistic name that projects nothing. People need to think marketing when they come up with this stuff.

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