New Yankee Stadium to Feature 550 Sony BRAVIAs

Also will be PS3s available to fans in certain sections of the ballpark.

Steve Crowe · January 10, 2009

When the New York Yankees open up the 2009 season in their new stadium, it’s going to look even more like the House Ruth didn’t build. (via Engadget HD)

The new digs will feature more than 550 Sony BRAVIA flat panels in the luxury suites, lounges, concourses restaurants and offices. There’s also going to be a Sony HD broadcast control room.

Fans sitting in certain sections of the ballpark will also have PS3 and VAIO notebook computers at their disposal.

“Integrating Sony products into Yankee Stadium is very important to us as we near completion of what will certainly be among the most modern and technologically advanced sports venues in the world,” says Lonn Trost, COO for the Yankees.

Expect Sony to also receive designations as the “Official LCD Television,” “Official HD Television,” and “Official Consumer Electronics Manufacturer” of the New York Yankees.

Since we’re based near Boston, I need to say: I hate the Yankees. Thanks.

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