Arlington Industries
Non-Metallic Hole Cover Kits for MDUs

Arlington is known for all sorts of “helper” products that enable integrators to work more efficiently with greater installation flexibility as well as address industry and labor compliance concerns.

The Scranton, Pa.-based company’s latest Non-metallic Hole Cover Kits continues in that realm, assisting integrators who do jobs in multistory buildings and multidwelling units (MDUs).

The kits come in two sizes, with covers that feature retaining clips that allow for adjustment to fit a range of hole sizes from 1¾ inches to 6¼ inches, according to Arlington.

Using the kits provides the fastest way to cover a hole and also ensure compliance with OSHA safety standards on a multistory building site, adds Arlington, which recently earned a CE Pro BEST Product Award for its Low-Profile 5×8” Steel TV Box.

The products (SKUs HC1742 to fit a 1¾-inch to 4¼-inch opening and HC1762 for 1¾-inch to 6¼-inch hole) are rated for a 250-pound load and have been tested at 4x the rated load, Arlington states.

Installation is simple, the company says, with retaining clips adjustable to move toward the inner or outer portion of the circular product’s underside depending on the size of the hole installers need to cover. Then push the covering into the hole and further adjust the fit as necessary – if you need a redo, use a flat-blade screwdriver to pop it out.

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