Neat-O: 3 Awesome Wiring Jobs

A huge rat’s nest, a panel screwed up by the cable guy and a Crestron lighting system struck by lightning.


We get many Before/After photos of wiring jobs. You enjoy seeing great challenges overcome by talented professionals.

Here are a couple of the latest submissions. After you amuse yourself with the pictures, take some of your own and e-mail them to us for other readers to enjoy.

Phoning it In

Brent Cannon of Wrightwood, Calif.-based Quick-Tel Inc. sent in these images, which he took with his cell phone.

“Someone, maybe Verizon, had cross-connected the lines of this home in a huge rat’s nest-style mess using Scotchies,” Cannon says. “After toning several drops, I determined that the house was all home runs, which was a good thing. Nothing was punched to the existing block.”


Setting things right took Cannon from 11:10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and cost his customer $641.65, including parts and tax.

“The home distribution box was sanitized and labeled,” says Cannon. “Upon follow up, the customer was extremely happy.”

Tampering with Perfection

These two photos come from Peter Marks of Jacksonville, Fla.-based First Coast Entertainment.


“The first picture is of a typical 28 panel that we’ve installed and trimmed in over 300 homes,” he says. “This is how we leave it before the homeowner buys the home.”

The After picture, he says, “is what happens to the panel after the cable guy has been there.”

A Striking Installation

These images (both “After” images) came from Fernando and Deborah Salazar, owners of Cutler Bay, Fla.-based Fusion Home Entertainment.


The Salazars were contacted by a client whose home had been struck by lightning. As a result, her Crestron lighting system had stopped working.

The Salazars discovered that the processing board of the Crestron lighting module, which connects the house-wide lighting control system to the home’s high-voltage electrical system, was fried. They replaced the module, but didn’t stop there.

To protect the client’s home from future lightning strikes, Fusion Home Entertainment installed a Richard Gray’s Power Company product called HouseGuard. As a result, Fusion fashioned their client’s whole house with surge protection.

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