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Thursday, September 27, 2012

image It's relatively easy to rack mount A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc., but it's another thing to incorporate these devices into a rack and also provide provisions that protect these products from the inherit danger their surroundings could deliver without taking up too much space.

The Fairfield, N.J.-based manufacturer Middle Atlantic is now making that process easier thanks to the release of its new PowerCool Series of integrated power distribution and thermal management products. Middle Atlantic says the PowerCool Series provides custom electronics professionals with a convenient way to save space, time and money by combining power distribution and thermal protection all within a product that takes up just a single rack unit of space. Middle Atlantic adds the products use its multi-purpose quiet blowers with each blower capable of removing 50 CFM of heated air while maintaining airflow in a crowded rack environment.

The product line's power capabilities include multi-stage surge protection with surge status notification, and the company offers the products in a choice of 15- and 20-amp versions, as well as a choice between 10- and 11-outlet models.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

image SnapAV has been one of the most aggressive manufacturers in the specialty/custom electronics market through its constant work to grow its product lines. The Charlotte, N.C.-based company's latest product line however, doesn't grow its array of custom install products, but it does replace its old line of power conditioners.

The newly announced WattBox line of power conditioners replaces the company's old Episode line of power conditioners and this new UL-certified series of products are designed provide custom installation professionals with a wide selection of devices that can be used to protect home electronics from brown-outs and spikes. SnapAV says the products utilize all-metal chassis designs, and the rack-mount models can be angled and recessed to meet whatever installation requirements an installer encounters.

Highlighting the new line of products is the company's 600 Series two-piece power conditioner that SnapAV has designed to allow installers to mount the outlets in spaces more accessible to the rest of a rack system's components. The 600 Series incorporates surge protection, isolated filter banks, fireproof MOV devices, sequenced outlets, noise filtration and safe voltage protection for brown outs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

image Today's weather seems more unpredictable than ever before and if the idea of random tornados, blinding snow storms, powerful ice storms and debilitating lightning strikes once seemed far fetched, the craziness of today's weather extremes means these events are no longer out of the realm of possibility.

Power protection can't save a home from the perils of a tornado or ice storm, but it can protect homes from surges, spikes and other power related anomalies during times of lightning strikes and other events. Eaton Corporation's new collaboration with Mike Holmes host of HGTV's "Holmes on Homes" offers electronics professionals a line of products that can protect an entire home from surges and spikes.

Eaton says the "Holmes Approved" line of products are designed to install in a home's breaker box and they are engineered to protect a home's appliances, electronics and other devices from surges. Holmes says the reason he partnered with Eaton is because he has experienced the affects of a surge and afterwards he installed Eaton products to protect his electronics and appliances from these types of events.

Friday, June 08, 2012

image Power conditioning and surge protection is one of the most difficult product categories to define and explain to consumers. Ultimately, most consumers never fully understand it until something bad happens and they lose their electronics equipment to a power event.

Panamax's new MR series of components are designed to protect the investment consumers make into their electronics without blowing up their budget for other expenditures. The first of the MR series of products is the MR-4000 and this product incorporates the company's Level 2 Power Cleaning, Linear Filtration and Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technologies to help electronics to perform to their capabilities, and to provide surge protection.

The 1RU high product also incorporates the Panamax's latest industrial designs to allow installers to place it in a place that's visible to homeowners or to use it as a piece that's installed into a rack system. In total the MR-4000 offers eight outlets with seven rear mounted and one on the front panel, and Panamax supports the unit with an optional rack mounting installation kit.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

image Since its reentry into the residential custom electronics market, the N.C.-based manufacturer SurgeX has leveraged the technologies it has developed for the commercial electronics market to provide residential electronics professionals with a choice of products that combine proven technologies and reliability.

Recent product developments from the company however specifically target the residential electronics market, and arguably its latest residential technology may be its best homeowner friendly innovation. Surgex's newly announced Axess by SurgeX provides installers with a residential solution that enables electronics professionals to monitor and control their clients' power conditioning/surge elimination systems remotely through IP technologies. SurgeX says the technology allows installers to create customized power sequences for entire networks with email notifications that communicate information that's based specifically on criteria the installer creates.

In addition, the company's step-up Axess Elite solution adds device energy management through two-way communication technologies that collect information such as voltage measurements, temperatures and current draw. The Elite system will then generate reports that detail energy consumption of the client's home.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

image It's easy to take electricity for granted, until of course power is lost. Even little things such as having the proper amount of power outlets can be taken for granted until the amount of outlets are used up and no more are available.

The Florida-based company Tributaries has added to its line of power products through the introduction of its new T10X power extension bar. Tributaries says the T10X is a 10-outlet product that is UL-approved, and it provides electronics professionals with a competitively priced solution that offers surge suppression and line filtration. The rack-mount friendly device is designed for horizontal positioning with a choice of three locations, and it includes six outlets on its front panel and four on its rear panel.

Other convenience options built into the T10X power extension bar include 12-volt triggers that allow for either a remote turn-on of the unit by a component with a 12-volt trigger or its 12-volt trigger can be used to turn on connected components.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

image The subject of surge protection is always a tough topic of conversation for electronics professionals to introduce to clients that don't see the benefit of the products until something bad happens.

Bell'O's newly announced ASG3008 8-outlet Audio/Video Green Surge Protector can't help installers ease into the surge protection conversation, but it can provide the necessary protection homeowners need at a reasonable price. The ASG3008 surge protector is a slim-profile device with a high-gloss finish and it incorporates EMI/RF noise filtration, fireproof MOVs, status indicators and a power safety shutdown.

Another of the ASG3008's features that homeowners may find appealing is its inclusion of green-friendly power saving options. In addition, it also offers a built-in eight-foot power cable, and Bell'O backs the product with a $400,000 connected equipment warranty.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

image Generally most consumers want the latest technologies with a caveat; they want the latest technologies without these products creating an eyesore in their living spaces. Solving this problem are an array of mounts, lifts and concealment solutions, but the only problem with these products is that they don't address the power a product like a flat-panel TV or projector requires to run.

Tributaries' new PWRI-XF In-Wall Power Extension Kit is a product that is designed to solve the issue of getting power to a custom installed electronics component. The company's latest power solution is designed to complement its T100 and T200 power conditioning/surge protection products and it features a dual-AC outlet with built-in filter with LED status indicators. The Florida-based manufacturer says the In-Wall Extension Kit is designed to deliver clean power to products like mounted flat-panel TVs and projectors, which can be located several feet from a nearby outlet.

The Power Kit's central component is a Neutrik 120-volt/20 amp UL-rated AC PowerCon that is mounted to a Decora style wallplate that is designed to complement the interior space of most homes. In addition, Tributaries adds to the kit a 14AWG AC power cable fitted with a Neutrik PowerCon AC plug on one end and a NEMA 5-15 three-prong straight or right-angle AC plug on the other end.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

image Middle Atlantic has a vast line of rack products and accessories to meet the needs of installers in both the residential and commercial markets, and recently the company added to its line of rack-mount power products.

The newly announced RackLink line of products incorporate a full list of monitoring and support functions, and the Fairfield, N.J.-based company says the line is the first series of products that are capable of maintaining a rack-mounted system's reliability through included features such as automatic reboot; actions that turn on emergency fans and automatic shut down in the event that a device runs too hot or is operating unsafely.

Middle Atlantic adds the products are designed with installers in mind with provisions for simple to complex setup capabilities, and management options that allow for local or remote management from any standard web browser, as well as the company's iPhone/iPad app.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

image Most people's idea of power protection are those $10 plastic power strips that are sold throughout mass-market box-box stores across the country. Very few realize that those inexpensive power strips provide a limited shelf life of protection and once that protection goes their plugged in electronics are susceptible to the dangers of power surges.

Eaton Corporation's 3S line of battery backup products offer small office and home office (SOHO) users, as well as standard homeowners a choice of either a 550VA or 750VA products that are designed to protect their electronics, while also providing battery backup insurances.

The 750VA battery backup unit incorporate the company's EcoControl power outlets, which Eaton says help users to cut as much as 30 percent of their energy consumption, and both units feature Eaton's Power Protector software, which is engineered to protect plugged in devices from any power disturbances. In the event of a power failure the battery backups provide as much as 45 minutes of backup power to allow users to safely power down their computers, NAS drives, DVRs and projectors.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Without question one of the most heavily scrutinized product categories in the entire world of consumer electronics is power protection/power conditioning.

The Florida-based manufacturer Tributaries is taking on the challenge of those who doubt the validity of power protection/conditioning through the UL certification of products like its new PWRI-PRO in-wall power management outlet. The PWRI-PRO carries 1440 joules of protection and it is UL 1449, 498 and 514 certified, which means it has met UL requirements for surge projection devices (SPD); UL standards for power receptacles and UL standards for cover plates for mounted wiring devices. The in-wall power product can be used to supply protected power during the installation of projectors flat-panel televisions and other home entertainment products.

Tributaries says the two-outlet product uses the company's latest X3 MOV technologies to provide surge and spike protection, under voltage protection and it filters out line noise to help plugged in products to operate at their highest levels. The RoHS-compliant device also includes LED indicators that communicate its operational status.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

image Accell Cables, a provider of audio/video and computer accessories, has launched the newest addition to its expanding line of power products, the PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner.

The device is a safe and easy way to provide 1080 joules of surge protection to sensitive electronics. The PowerSquid accommodates up to five bulky transformer plugs, providing more flexibility than standard surge protectors. In addition, the PowerSquid with surge protection is also equipped with a Noise Reduction Filter, which reduces line static caused by “dirty” power, often seen as snow in pictures or as crackling in audio.

“As distributors and resellers are always looking for innovative products to provide their customers, we’re very excited to bring the PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner to the distribution and retail channels,” says Michael Weizer, director of marketing.

With an MSRP of $34.95 and protected by Accell’s five-year connected equipment/$100,000 limited warranty, the PowerSquid with surge protection is manufactured under license from Trident Design, LLC.

Friday, June 03, 2011

image It's easy to overlook and criticize the role of power protection in a modern electronics system. There is one thing that everyone can quantify about power however and that is a surge can have a devastating effect on electronics and because of that it's important to protect an investment into an expensive electronics system as thoroughly as possible.

Tributaries latest power device offers installers a product that's affordable and UL certified. The new T10X mounts horizontally within a rack in one of three positions, and it's engineered to provide power conditioning and surge protection for audio, video and home networking electronics. The T10X features a total of 10 outlets with six on the front panel four on the rear panel. Internally the T10X utilizes X3MOV devices as the basis for its surge suppression, and the company says the product is capable of suppressing 6,000 volts and 216,000 amps.

In addition to being UL certified, Tributaries says the power conditioner/surge suppressor is RoHS compliant, and through the inclusion of triggers the unit can be activated via remote turn-on by a component supplying a 12-volt trigger output or it can be setup to turn on another component that has a 12-volt trigger input.

Friday, April 08, 2011

image With technologies such as cloud computing, digital entertainment and tablet computers driving new electronics trends, the need for flexible power solutions in the home and at work are becoming increasingly important as end users add more electronics to their daily routines.

Generac's newly released Modular Power System (MPS) provides property owners the ability to keep important building systems such as HVAC and electrical up and running during the event of a power failure. The company says the MPS solution is designed to offer building owners a scalable and redundant power backup system that can be tailored to their evolving needs.

The system's PowerManager feature is said add to the systems's reliability by minimizing the amount of system components employed and by integrating all of the generators' control functions into a single interface. The MPS also adds the ability to implement a "need plus one" setup format or the ability to create a redundant backup solution for mission critical situations. With the system users can also choose diesel, natural gas or bi-fuel generators that can product kilowatt outputs as high as 9,000kW.

Friday, March 11, 2011

image Power protection is always a category that's undersold within the custom installation market because of the lack of understanding and the perception that there's a lot of snake oil in these products.

Lowell Manufacturing's new line of 30A hardwired surge suppressors take on the snake oil perception through their ETL listings in the U.S. and Canada, and their conformity to the latest UL1449 third-edition surge protection device standards.

The company's low-profile COMPAC (compact unit) features one 30A 125-volt NEMA L5-30R outlet that can also be converted to hardwired output. The 30A COMPAC surge suppressor features the company's multi-mount brackets and a six-foot, non-metallic flexible whip that Lowell says is easier to handle in tight spaces than a metal-clad conduit. Other products include the ACSP-30-Series of 30A surge suppressors that are designed for hardwired and load connection applications and these products are available with one, two or three circuit configurations.

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