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New High-Res Streaming Platform Pure Audio Streaming Releases Library in AURO-3D

NEWAURO, the company behind the AURO-3D immersive audio format, has been selected for the recently announced Pure Audio Streaming platform. This new service promises to revolutionize music streaming by offering high-resolution audiophile recordings w

May 21, 2024

PAC Brands Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra add AURO-3D Format

 NEWAURO officially launched its collaboration with Premium Audio that enables AURO-3D support on selected hardware devices by subsidiary brands under the Premium Audio umbrella. As part of this firmware update, consumers are now able to explore th

Dec 21, 2023

Premium Audio Company Firmware Update Optimizes AVR Performance

Premium Audio Company's firmware update for its AV receivers is designed to improve audio playback, functionality and room correction.

Dec 19, 2023