CE Pro 100 2014

For artists and musicians, there is nothing worse than being labeled as “going commercial.” But for residential custom electronics integrators, that label might be considered a compliment.

Indeed, 87 of the 2014 CE Pro 100 report doing an average of 70 commercial projects last year in an effort to diversify their businesses away from just the fluctuating residential market. At the same time, 61 members of the group earned some level of recurring revenue in 2013. Meanwhile, the residential side of the business remained solid with the group in aggregate reporting a 12 percent increase in revenues, reaching a remarkable $1.7 billion cumulatively.

The results of CE Pro’s 16th annual list of the highest revenue residential integration companies in North America once again reflect that the residential market has rebounded from the recession. Once again the list consists of a variety of business types, from recurring monthly revenue (RMR)-based security companies that have jumped fully into home automation systems to custom retailers to traditional A/V and control-based integrators.

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