DVDO EDGE Processor Converts All Video to 1080p

Features Anchor Bay's VRS technologies and 6 HDMI 1.3 inputs with Deep Color.


DVDO is introducing the DVDO EDGE video processor, which upconverts all video formats to 1080p.

It features Anchor Bay’s Video Reference Series (VRS) technologies, six HDMI 1.3 Deep Color inputs, two HDMI 1.3 outputs and analog and digital A/V connections.

The VRS technologies include:

  • 10-bit deinterlacing for sources from 480i to 1080i
  • Auto PRep (Progressive Reprocessing to “undo” poor deinterlacing in source devices
  • Mosquito Noise Reduction
  • Fine Detail and Edge Enhancement
  • Progressive Cadence Detection, RightRate, Precision A/V Lipsync and Auto CUE-C

EDGE, which handles up to 10 sources, can be programmed for auto input selection. DVDO says it has flexible aspect ratio controls to remove black bars in letterbox and pillar-box images, as well as to correct overscan and underscan.

It also has a “Game Mode” that the company says eliminates video processing delays. The front-panel HDMI input can hook up to the Xbox 360 or PS3.

EDGE also comes with a backlit, learning universal remote control. The rear panel includes IR mini-jack for input with control systems.

DVDO will ship the EDGE in late September for $799.

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