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Spotlight: Outdoor AV
Spotlight: Outdoor AV
Bringing Automation and Entertainment to the Backyard
Electronics Design Group expanded the entertainment from this 14,000-square-foot home into the backyard with a revamped, automated outdoor space.
Outdoor TV Design Elements
Download this doc from Peerless-AV to learn more about the unique environments an outdoor TV might find itself in and why these 3 key design elements should be considered.
Presented by Peerless-AV
Cheap, Trendy CitizenM Hotel Does Home Automation Well, But Misses Opportunity
The super-chic, really tiny CitizenM hotel rooms feature elegant iPad-enabled home automation with Philips Hue lighting, audio/video control, temperature controls…
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4 Out-of-this-World Star Wars Home Theaters
For Star Wars Day, explore four home theaters that have the force with them.
#TBT: Dog Spa Features NuVo Multiroom Audio System
Hands On: Bryston Mini T Sub Exemplifies Max Engineering Prowess
6 Tips for Tackling Outdoor Audio
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How CI Companies Can Be More the Same
By Steve Firszt. A look at how CI companies could benefit from industry standards to run their businesses.
‘Nightline’ Bashes Smart Home with Help from Gigaom Reporter Stacey Higginbotham
By Jason Knott. An 8-minute segment on ABC's 'Nightline' takes on a skewed perspective to point out every possible flaw of smart home technology, from hacking to voice control to cost, but never even mentions professional installation option.
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JimAV (Posted on 05/04/15, 09:52 PM)
Good commentary. One thing jumps out at me.  It seems my advice to clients stressing the fact that you can never have too many Cat5 is spot on. Looks like mixed environments might be workable with parallel switching and distribution…
Gadi Simchon (Posted on 05/04/15, 12:45 PM)
I actually had some hands-on time with the Zipabox Z-Wave module last summer and thought it was pretty good.  I really like the modular design of the system.  The one drawback for me was the UI.  But since my review of the…
paulcunningham (Posted on 05/04/15, 11:33 AM)
^ what J San said - density is key if you want to get solid coverage at that speed, particularly in already-difficult RF environments - and as the more recent technology catches on, 5GHz will certainly start to get more crowded.. So…
Andrew (Posted on 05/03/15, 08:37 PM)
What no BACnet.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 05/03/15, 02:42 PM)
I read it as - migrate from 10/100 mbps to 1 gbps.
Harald Steindl (Posted on 05/03/15, 03:37 AM)
It feels like I just heard someone whispering PANJA
J (Posted on 05/02/15, 01:20 PM)
Ok,   We are going to tackle this one item at a time.   YES, UNEQUIVOCALLY! Stingray has challenging aesthetics, they are basically just another ‘Toaster Oven’ you are hanging off of your clients homes, or stuck…
Tom Baldwin (Posted on 05/01/15, 07:09 PM)
Mbps is a measure of speed and stands for megabit per second.  That would be the appropriate designator for this reference.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 05/01/15, 05:45 PM)
That would be something, huh Tom? I don’t know if someone else in our org. already fixed it but it looks good to me. Or is the wording still awkward? thx
Tom (Posted on 05/01/15, 03:12 PM)
The very last sentence must be a typo.  The description should be megabits, not gigabit.  If my gear had 10/100 Gigabit throughput, I would have spent a bloody fortune.
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