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Spotlight on HDBaseT
Spotlight on HDBaseT
Photos: Amazing Uses for Curved Screens, 4K Ultra HD
Curved screens and 4K Ultra HD displays dominated the show floor at CES and ISE 2014. Here are some images that showcase meaningful applications for the products.
Tackling Multi-Zoned AV Installations with HDBaseT
Discover matrix switch, cable, and distribution solutions for large residential installations, as well as how HDBaseT works to pull it all together.
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Show Us Your Great Looking Racks 2014
CE Pro and Middle Atlantic Products want to show off the best racks in the 2014 Great Looking Racks contest.
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New in Photos
#TBT: 6 Great Looking Racks
In this week's Throwback Thursday, take a look at the winners of the 2013 "Great Looking Racks!" contest, including the winning entry that has 23 total racks in the home.
Kalomirakis Builds Biggest Little Home Theater in New York City
Oh Deer: Hunting Lodge Boasts Nature-Friendly Home Theater
5 Must-See Before & After Installations
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#TBT: Sometimes Ya Gotta Trash Old Industry T-Shirts
By Julie Jacobson. Some of these industry T-Shirts have traveled with me to eight homes in three states. It's time to let go.
Integrator Uses ‘Audio in the Nude’ Gimmick to Draw Clients for Showroom Event
By Jason Knott. NYC integrator Stereo Exchange has found one way to drum up attention for a showroom event. Its 'Audio in the Nude' evening will feature iconic album covers being painted on naked 'stunning models.'
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New England Integrators Definitely in Sonos Fan Club
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Apple Home Automation Initiative Underwhelming
Washington Gridlock Kills Energy Efficiency Bill
Why Harman’s Acquisition of AMX Makes Sense
I Got My Cell Signal Booster Notice!
Is Ageism Hitting the CE Industry?
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mark anthony richards (Posted on 07/26/14, 07:28 AM)
esbee (Posted on 07/26/14, 06:12 AM)
I love the concept but have mixed feelings. On an episode of Tiny House Nation where husband wife and toddler moved into a tiny house, the daughter’s “bedroom” was essentially a small closet with only a mattress and a shelf…
Bay Area John (Posted on 07/25/14, 02:32 PM)
I presume when the batteries die, you bulldoze the house since there’s no key.
Chris Raab (Posted on 07/25/14, 12:24 PM)
Nice to hear that IPV6LoWPAN has been announced by the “thread group”.  At Loxone we implemented this technology and we have it available retail now!  We call it Loxone Air and you can intelligently control everything…
Rodolfo (Posted on 07/24/14, 05:50 PM)
Mike, Your statement: “the maximum color depth for 4K/30/HDMI 1.4 and 4K/60/HDMI 2.0 is also 24 bit.” Actually 24-bit is not the maximum in the HDMI 2.0 spec for 4K 60 fps as I mentioned in my previous post.
Josh W (Posted on 07/24/14, 12:19 PM)
I’m not sure where those messages went, but I reached out to Hal directly from this post. Sorry about that. And thanks, Julie.
Rudy (Posted on 07/24/14, 11:48 AM)
Is there a complete starter system that can take output from my current flat screen tv into wisa box then wirelessly transmit to wisa speakers? It would be great if you could start out with two wireless speakers and woofer then expand…
rodolfo (Posted on 07/23/14, 09:45 PM)
Jeff, I have been displaying 4K and upscaled 1080p content with my 4K projector many times over the past two years, and 4K signals are not required to enjoy a good 4K projector today, in a similar way many early adopters purchased…
Jeffs (Posted on 07/23/14, 05:45 PM)
No 4k signals available and Theo knows how to design theaters so no seat is too close to the screen.  Spot on Color, terrific Black level and proper light output is way more important then 4k.  Current 4k projectors lack color accuracy,…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/23/14, 04:25 PM)
Hmmm ... just seeing this message. There are many irrigation systems that dealers integrate, even by relay, some by serial. I just don’t happen to know which ones off the top of my head Rain Bird has a serial module for third-party…
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