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Spotlight on Security
Spotlight on Security
Behind the Security Scene: How Atlanta is Making the City Safe
A media tour presented by ASIS Int’l examined security/life-safety risks and solutions at major Atlanta locales and operations including the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, MARTA, Delta and the police department’s Video Integration Center.
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imageSecuring 100 miles of New York waterway takes TruVision
Download this case study to learn how Interlogix IP and analog cameras were installed to help secure New York ferries and terminals
Home Automation Awareness Surges Ahead
Advantage Series: 3 Big Smart Home Trends
Report: Global Security System Integration Market Valued at $59.5B
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How Much Did Control4 Pay for Extra Vegetables?
Financials revealed for Extra Vegetables, including amount paid by Control4 for the home automation software company. EV would account for 25% of CTRL's bottom line.…
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#TBT: 5 Worst Tech Predictions
In this week's Throwback Thursday, go back to 2011 and look at some of the worst predictions ever made about the custom market.
$195 Million Mansion Boasts 15,000-Square-Foot Entertainment Complex
ISC East Revs Up the Energy
CE Pro Summit Focuses on Aggressive Growth Strategies
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Why Z-Wave is the Home Automation Market Leader ... for Now
By Julie Jacobson. Shipments of Z-Wave vs. ZigBee chips will surprise you; news on Sigma 500 chipsets, Z-Wave Plus, IPv6 gateway, IMA for remote diagnostics, more. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)
Could You Survive Solely on RMR?
By Jason Knott. Security dealers reveal that they shut down their installation departments completely during the recession and lived just on recurring monthly revenue (RMR) until the economy picked up again.
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Why the Industry Needs a Single Wireless Audio Standard
#TBT: 5 Worst Tech Predictions
Does 8K Have Us Eating Our Young…Again?
GPS Pet Monitoring: The Best RMR Idea I’ve Heard in Years
Why 2014 Was Most Significant CEDIA Expo Yet
I’m Gonna Miss You, George Feldstein
I Still Believe in Smart Watches for Home Automation
Netflix to Charge More for 4K Streaming
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TLS (Posted on 11/27/14, 07:58 PM)
@DMR - Have you had a look at what some of the gateways are certified for? You can find all the details here
Chameera Pinnagoda (Posted on 11/27/14, 12:20 PM)
I gotta question for someone with some knowledge with the HDCP 2.2. I have a Sony XBR-55X900A 4K T.V. I will be changing my HDMI ports to 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (Sony will Change the board as still I am under warranty).     And…
DMR (Posted on 11/27/14, 08:19 AM)
I dont think thats the case, remember we are talking of chipset and compatibility, just because a gateway doesn’t have support for a specific device it doesn’t mean Z-Wave is not compatible, it just means the programmer of the…
TLS (Posted on 11/26/14, 08:04 PM)
Well, claiming that Z-Wave is universally compatible between all gateways and all Z-Wave devices is simply not true. Most gateways has very limited support for Z-Wave devices with only certain types or brands being support. There’s…
Travisleo (Posted on 11/26/14, 01:56 PM)
Welcome to the industry, Amanda.  It is great to have some more good business people involved in this space!  Best of luck!
Lou Sall (Posted on 11/26/14, 12:06 PM)
I actually got a halfway reasonable demo/pitch for the Wink stuff last weekend at my neighborhood Home Depot.
mark anderson (Posted on 11/26/14, 07:18 AM)
This is months old
ToddB (Posted on 11/26/14, 05:56 AM)
There’s not one reason that Cat6 is better than Cat5e in an installation like this - cameras don’t use the full bandwidth and don’t even need gigabit.  There’s literally no improvement. Also while going…
Tony (Posted on 11/25/14, 05:27 PM)
Maybe rename it “19 Dos and Don’ts for IP Camera PREWIRING”.  The article doesn’t even scratch the surface of actually installing an IP based cam system.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 11/25/14, 10:07 AM)
Sorry Michael, no. But all they would have to do is implement 3.0 and lose their proprietary special sauce.
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