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5 Myths About Custom Install Businesses: Just Raise Your Labor Rate?!
Steve Firszt and Paul Starkey explain the business fallacies of the custom electronics business: Hiring more salespeople and raising labor rates isn't the answer.
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2016 CES $100 Registration Fee Kicks In
By Jason Knott. The new fee structure to attend the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has begun. Integrators will now have to pay $100 to $300 to get in. The registration fee will increase to $300 on December 21 through the 2016 CES.
Debunking ‘High Speed’ 4K HDMI 2.0 Data Rate Claims
By Joe Perfito. Industry veteran Joe Perfito of Tributaries Cable goes on a fact-checking journey on how a "High Speed" 10.2Gbps HDMI cable can somehow now claim to send at a 18Gbps data rate for 4K video. New Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs will require at least 11Gbps data rate. Integrators are the last layer of protection for consumers.
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Dan Fulmer (Posted on 07/28/15, 08:28 PM)
I agree. He addressed the concern of privacy expectations and not liability for NOT having coverage, after the fact.  We have done this for literally almost 2 decades amd typically make it a timed feature. Press the button, that camera…
RobMacK (Posted on 07/28/15, 08:13 PM)
I agree & had the exact same thought. I would hope that the camera is only temporarily disabled for x amount of time and then is re-enabled after that time period is over. If something happens in that area that’s serious while the…
Eric Thies (Posted on 07/28/15, 05:41 PM)
Brilliant stuff.  I could not agree more with all of these points!  Nice work Steve!!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/28/15, 04:42 PM)
Did he misread the question on this one? I read it to mean: Would there be liability in the case that the camera is disabled and then not re-enabled and something bad happens during that time?
Phil (Posted on 07/27/15, 10:37 PM)
Yet no mention of “Fake” UL lables out of China???? Even that was in the news a few years ago.
Jack Goldberg - Westco Smart Homes (Posted on 07/27/15, 06:36 PM)
One of the good things about the Vantage replacement is that the existing 120 volt wiring to the LiteTouch enclosures can be labeled, disconnected, and most likely directly connected to the Vantage terminal strips. This is a similar module…
Kurt Saldutti (Posted on 07/27/15, 02:59 PM)
We work outside on Government beachside video installations. Our tool rust very easily. Constantly oiling and treating tools to keep them working and from rusting best we can. I would be willing to pay more for the option version of quality…
David Foote (Posted on 07/27/15, 02:53 PM)
@Vince S — The Nest Thermostat uses WiFi.  Nest Protect uses WiFi and 802.15.4 (underlying technology of ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Thread, WirelessHART).  So even Nest/Google recognizes that Wi-Fi is not the single, universal wireless…
Bill Fox (Posted on 07/27/15, 02:31 PM)
My condolences to the entire Hess family on Jeff’s untimely passing. To a great extent, Jeff was responsible for my entree into the CE business. We met when I was a customer at Clark Music in Albany in the late ‘70’s. We…
Vince S (Posted on 07/27/15, 01:26 PM)
Isn’t Nest a WiFi product? Seems that it is the most popular smart home product.
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