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Webee Promises True ‘Learning’ Home Automation System at CEDIA 2014
Indiegogo-funded Webee says it learns better than Nest, always tracking the home to adjust lights, thermostats, A/V gear, other smart home devices without programming.…
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Scottydont (Posted on 07/30/14, 09:52 PM)
I think the main negative is how do you cleanly transport this unit.  Does it come with a handle ? Case?  It has to have a nice case that techs won’t drop on hard wood floors.
Rick L (Posted on 07/30/14, 04:14 PM)
I agree with Jerry; why advertise a retail price for a tool that dealers will use and not resell. If the manufacturer is making a reasonable margin selling it at dealer cost, just leave it at that. There may not have been nearly as many negative…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/30/14, 02:02 PM)
And so now I wonder ... could/should component mfrs themselves make their products “quick-connect”?
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/30/14, 02:01 PM)
Agree, Jerry, but as a rule we just only publish “retail” price. In this case, one reason would be because each disty would be charging a different dealer cost and we don’t want to be the ones to put it out there.
tmaddison (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:16 PM)
I was part of management of Tweeter’s field service network - around 100 techs at it’s peak.  We were always looking for ways to make the job of getting a 150lb TV off the shelf and turned around - or to the floor - easier……
Just another Joe (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:08 PM)
Indeed for decades I have been using rack shelves mounted at the rear to support gear I was mounting from the front - and vice-versa.  Had always wondered what a “quick-clamp” might look like for a “rack shelf”…
Jerry Stuckle (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:06 PM)
The problem with advertising a $290 price is it’s not something a consumer would buy (well, some consumers will buy ANYTHING, but…).  It’s mainly for dealers. And this would be good for other industries, also. …
svtsethj (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:02 PM)
Not always a new install.  Practical use for removing for service, upgrading an existing system.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:01 PM)
of course, the dealer price is nowhere near $290.
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 07/30/14, 01:00 PM)
Yes indeed, Jerry, I brought the patent thing up. The idea is obviously easy to replicate.
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