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Hands On: Atlantic Technology 44-DA Atmos Speakers Deliver State-of-the-Art Theater Fun
CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer reviewed Atlantic Technology’s 44-DA and found the speakers are a great way to deliver Dolby’s Atmos format without…
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#TBT: Inside BB King’s High-Tech Tour Bus
Tour bus is complete with servers, touchpanels, security, lighting control, surround sound, distributed A/V, iPod docks and more.
Tyco Investment in Qolsys Pays Off: DSC Security, Home Automation Panel Revealed
Tiger Woods Golf Course Resort to Feature Crestron Automation
SnapAV Serious About Speakers with Creation of Episode Signature Brand
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‘Nightline’ Bashes Smart Home with Help from Gigaom Reporter Stacey Higginbotham
By Jason Knott. An 8-minute segment on ABC's 'Nightline' takes on a skewed perspective to point out every possible flaw of smart home technology, from hacking to voice control to cost, but never even mentions professional installation option.
The Evolution of Custom—Industry Standards Needed
By Steve Firszt. Lack of financial standards, ill-defined career paths and no national installation player will hurt custom installation's growth prospects over the long term.
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Why ‘Seeking Alpha’ is so Wrong in Bashing Control4 Home Automation
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Privacy Complaint over Samsung Smart TV Voice Control is ‘Epic Overreaction’
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Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/18/15, 10:39 AM)
I nominate Greg as the new voice of Honeywell Lyric.
Greg (Posted on 04/17/15, 09:43 PM)
Enter the code dude!
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/16/15, 11:44 AM)
You caught me on a good day in a responsive mood. Ask me to write an article, though, and I’ll have it to you in about 90 days.
gerard143 (Posted on 04/16/15, 11:42 AM)
Now that’s speedy service!  If only us integrators were that fast
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 04/16/15, 11:36 AM)
Thanks, Gerard. Fixed.
gerard143 (Posted on 04/16/15, 11:30 AM)
Bad link to the frank article
Robert Archer (Posted on 04/16/15, 07:21 AM)
For the record, CE Pro magazine publishes two to three review per month. Depending on the flow of news and other content those stories don’t always make it onto the website.
Mark Shapiro (Posted on 04/15/15, 04:01 PM)
It’s for IP Surveillance because it has PoE?  Is that it?  There are a lot of switches with PoE on the market with better features to manage video traffic and more power budget.  Come On Man!
DB (Posted on 04/15/15, 11:45 AM)
That is why it’s called the top 1%
Squid Commander (Posted on 04/15/15, 11:11 AM)
I don’t see the day when your watch will completely replace your phone because of the screen size so don’t really see this as an inconvenience. Future generations will get even better and it will probably take some time for widespread…
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