Why Smart Home Energy Data Is Key to Hooking Consumers
Unlocking the full potential of the smart home will come down to providing consumers with meaningful home intelligence insights like energy management data.
CEDIA 2017 Special Guest Pass Available from CE Pro

CEDIA 2017 Special Guest Pass Available from CE Pro

CE Pro is offering a free guest pass code with a $250 value to its readers to attend CEDIA 2017 in San Diego with over 500 exhibitors.
LG OLED Is All the Rage at PAA Open House

LG OLED Is All the Rage at PAA Open House

LG Electronics' new OLED wallpaper smart TVs drew most of the attention at Boston-area distributor Professional Audio Associates 10th annual open house.

Product Briefs: Volutone to Carry MantelMount; Steinway P200 Supports Dolby Vision; AVAD Website

Comprehensive Creates Pro AV/IT HD18G Series HDMI Cables for 18Gbps

Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

CEDIA Boot Camps: Immersive, Hands-on Training

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Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

A seven-hour DPL Labs presentation at the HDMI Wire and Cable Association Conference in China elicited an intense Q&A about HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps.
3 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Sell Service

3 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Sell Service

Waiting for the right time to pitch your clients on service plans to gain recurring revenue? Here's why summer is the perfect time to make the leap.

You Don’t Need RMR to Sell Your Integration Company

Father’s Day Advice from CE Pro 100: ‘Stay Balanced’

What Magnolia’s ‘Mag Care’ Remote Support Says about the Future of Service

No, You Can’t Compare Apple HomePod to Amazon Echo or Sonos

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Cybersecurity: Act Before You Are Hacked!

Cybersecurity: Act Before You Are Hacked!

Join us for a FREE 1 hour webcast to learn how to protect, who to protect, and what to protect when considering the best solution for your company.
Cable to Connector Compatibility Is a Challenge

Cable to Connector Compatibility Is a Challenge

A new system for terminating larger CAT6/6A cables now shipping.

Asking the Right Questions for the Perfect Lighting Installation

CE Pro Brand Analysis 2017

Adding ‘Smart Fixtures’ to Your Lighting Control Business Mix

Have a Plan for your LAN!

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Hands on: Bose SoundTouch 300, Acoustimass 300 Make Solid Combo

Bose wireless SoundTouch 300 soundbar and Acoustimass 300 subwoofer feature dramatic industrial design,…

Sony ‘Speakerless’ TV Debuts at CE Pro 100 Integrator

Sony chooses CE Pro 100 integrator Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center to unveil…

Amazon Echo Show Brings Images to Voice Control

Amazon Echo Show is $229 video voice control with smart home features including…

Motorized TV Lift Doubles as ‘Cool’ HVAC Diffuser

Integrator creates unique solution using Nexus 21 drop-down motorized TV lift in…

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Vanco Acquires Beale Street Audio

Vanco acquires Beale Street Audio bringing its unique Sonic Vortex loudspeaker…

Insteon, SmartLabs Acquired; New CEO Wants to Make Powerline Great Again for Home Automation

Richmond Capital acquires SmartLabs, owner of Insteon mesh-networking…

Father’s Day Advice from CE Pro 100: ‘Stay Balanced’

‘Family First’ is best Father’s Day advice for integrators, no matter how…

Bang & Olufsen Pro: The Most Exciting Channel Program You Never Heard Of

After decades of selling solely through retailers, Bang & Olufsen launched B&O…

CE Pro 100 Loves Sonos, So Is It Time to Stop Complaining?

Despite the public complaints from integrators about the brand, Sonos leads…

New Kaleidescape Solution to Meld Physical Discs with Strato 4K Movie Player

Kaleidescape returns to CEDIA after near-death experience, integrates best of…

Comment Stream

That’s great news.  It was a shame to see the Beale product disappear from the market.  The team at Vanco is great and I am sure they will get Beale back on track! — JAFO on Jun 23
Congrats Jim! — BryanKoutsky on Jun 21
As an early user of X10, CP290, HAI, and IBM Home Director, moving to Insteon was a natural, but powerline still posed problems that Androit1 mentioned. One possible direction might be to blend in HomePlug for fast bandwidth, possibly giving it an advantage... — mhealthtalk on Jun 21
Another pile of money about to be flushed down the toilet. I was once told by a professor of marketing at a large university about bringing products to market. “your product has to be 50% better, or 50% cheaper than what is existing to have your product... — Adroit1 on Jun 21
“The first order of business for SmartLabs will be to invest in software.” Hallelujah! I’ve been a powerline interface user since the 80’s, starting with a little 8 device X10 controller cube that sat next to the couch, moving through... — tmaddison on Jun 20
Sheer genius.  As my Dad taught me years ago, don’t go to the gold rush for the gold, go to sell shovels.  Vivint has recognized that the market is shifting to rental housing and they are going to capitalize on it. — theloopboise on Jun 20
Your headline begs the question: When was PLC great before? X10? X10Pro? CEBus? — paul greatreps.com on Jun 20

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