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CEDIA 2014: How Kaleidescape will Stay Relevant with Content, 4K, Cost
Kaleidescape CEO Cheena Srinivasan will “reposition” media server company to reach broader markets; promises more studio deals for online content, support…
CEDIA 2014
Conference & Expo
Sept. 10-13, 2014
Denver, CO USA

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ADT Pulse Teams with IFTTT, the DIY Home Automation Rules Engine
IFTTT, the increasingly popular cloud-based home automation platform, is testing an ADT Pulse channel that marries pro-installed system with DIY rules engine. (Julie…
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#TBT: Smithsonian Celebrates Lighting: How the Dimmer Was Invented
Lutron founder Joel Spira donates the 1958 journal that started it all -- plus a c. 1959 picture of a make-shift lab in Spira's apt. bedroom
With an Eye on History Russound Moving Forward
Hands On: Piper Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera
Introducing Peq: Best Buy’s New Home Automation System?
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AMX, CASA, a Playhouse called ‘Seas the Day’ & Jeff Kindig in Life Jacket
By Julie Jacobson. AMX's contribution to Dallas's Parade of Playhouses strikes close to home. Check out these crazy cool homes for little people.
UPDATE: What on Earth is Crestron Pyng? Patent App May Provide Clues
By Julie Jacobson. Speculation mounts: Crestron Pyng is a finalist in CEDIA's Manufacturers' Excellence Award, but no one seems to know what it is. Trademark filing gives some clues to the new home automation platform. Update: related patent application.
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Apple Home Automation Initiative Underwhelming
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Julie Jacobson (Posted on 08/20/14, 07:19 AM)
Couldn’t agree more, Andrew. Astonishing that this story didn’t get a whole lot of traffic. DIYers have money. They will spend it for a pro-installed system as long as they can tinker. Systems today don’t allow consumers…
Andrew Southern (Posted on 08/20/14, 07:15 AM)
The IFTTT platform is the way that millions of people could be introduced to a ‘logic based’ environmental controls. The clients will self-serve using a variety of wifi connected devices - so cool! Its a good thing because the…
Buzz Goddard (Posted on 08/20/14, 04:32 AM)
Had a long look at this during ISE.  Very slick product.  reports from UK integrators who have been using it were very favorable.
Buzz Goddard (Posted on 08/20/14, 04:24 AM)
These all seem like very sensible moves as the content world transitions away from physical media and into digital delivery.  Content is king and if Kaleidescape can partner with more studios, which they appear to be on track to do,…
John (Posted on 08/20/14, 04:21 AM)
Another name, another dissaster. The last thing I want to see is another brand name on the same product. It took long time to perfect colorado vnet. Lot of bumps along the way. My system is working flawlessly now and I wouldn’t change…
Easton Altree (Posted on 08/19/14, 04:41 PM)
New leadership will likely be open to alternative ideas to their status quo. To qualified buyers, the Kaleidescape experience is a pretty easy sell.  The problem has been that there aren’t too many qualified buyers, and these people…
Stock Holder! (Posted on 08/19/14, 04:19 PM)
The fate of this company was set years ago when the previous CEO decided to not listen to others and simple do what he thought was right… too bad he was dead wrong…. Good luck Cheena, you have one hell of a of a hole to…
paulcunningham (Posted on 08/19/14, 03:35 PM)
The last time I spoke to anyone at Kaleidescape about it (year or so ago), it was indicated that there are likely no updates coming for the music-only side. You will note the conspicuous absence of any mention of it at all in the last couple…
Julie Jacobson (Posted on 08/19/14, 02:00 PM)
What ... you trying to put me out of a job with all that sleuthing? Five bucks if you can dig up anything else!
Found It (Posted on 08/19/14, 01:56 PM)
On the subject of the logo, it looks like Crestron has it up on their site at!
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