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LG’s new 4K CineBeam Projector

CE Pro Editors · October 15, 2019

Epson Home Cinema 3800 and 3200

Home Cinema 3800 and 3200 Projectors

Following the release of its new short-throw Epson Laser TV projector the company has introduced the Home Cinema 3800 and 3200 projectors. The company’s latest projectors are available for respective MSRPs of $1,700 and $1,500 each, and the products incorporate Epson’s 4K PRO-UHD technologies to support the playback of 4K content. Epson says that its […]

CE Pro Editors · October 08, 2019

Why You Should Be Installing Ultra Short Throw Projection

Join CE Pro and LG for this upcoming webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, October 30, and learn about how selling and installing ultra short throw (UST) projectors can elevate your big-screen video business. Two-piece projection systems can provide an immersive experience for dedicated home theaters and, more and more common these days, multipurpose media rooms, living […]

October 07, 2019

lg cinebeam ust projector

How UST Projectors Eliminate Need for Room Redesign

LG Cinebeam AI ThinQ Ultra Short Throw projector sits 7.2 inches from the wall to project a 120-inch image, eliminating unsightly wall or ceiling mount, or placement in center of the room.

Jason Knott · October 01, 2019

Epson Laser TV

Bob Archer’s Top 10 CEDIA Expo 2019 Products: Epson Laser TV

The new Epson Laser TV delivers 4K HDR images with little screen lag to support streaming, video games and more.

Robert Archer · September 30, 2019

TechTalk: Samsung Builds Compelling Case for The Wall Install

With its modular microLEDs providing multiple benefits, Samsung was pitching The Wall Luxury for a unique, stylish and practical solution to integrators’ residential video applications. Watch the whole CEDIA Expo 2019 TechTalk.

Arlen Schweiger · September 25, 2019

Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2

Bob Archer’s Top 10 CEDIA Expo 2019 Products: Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2

The Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 is a home friendly screen that blends into modern home environments.

Robert Archer · September 24, 2019


Satellite Modular Laser System

Digital Projection Gives Sneak Preview of Game-Changing Satellite Modular Laser System. The Satellite MLS is a revolutionary projector technology advancement that separates the light source to a remote location, leaving a small and quiet projection “Head” with only the key imaging optics.  Set to be a bona fide game-changer, DP will be giving CEDIA attendees […]

CE Pro Editors · September 23, 2019


CineBeam HU85LA UST projector

LG’s Best UST Projector Discover true home cinema inside LG Booth: 2107 at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, featuring the all new LG CineBeam HU85LA Ultra Short Throw projector installed in a custom Salamander cabinet. Witness a seamless solution for any décor, using a 4K projector with picture up to 120″ and a partnership with leaders […]

CE Pro Editors · September 23, 2019


The World’s Largest 8K OLED TV Experience the debut of LG’s largest 8K OLED TV inside LG Booth: 2107 at the CEDIA Expo. See how LG reinvented television with 33 million self-lit pixels and real 8K resolution. Partnering with leaders in home automation, LG can help transform any space into an 8K home theater.

CE Pro Editors · September 23, 2019