‘Resimercial’ Products & Messaging Resonate at CEDIA Expo, slide 6


Why was RTI in a sound room this year? Well, for one thing the company was demoing its Alexa functionalities, but more so the control manufacturer was trying to show its product range and automation software capabilities in a cohesive manner from residential applications to commercial opportunities as a visitor walked around the room. Plus a wall of GUI devices and remotes underscored the amount of flexibility integrators could provide customers.

“We can show off our audio/video gear, our switchers, multiviewers and all those types of things,” notes RTI’s Brett Stokke on the move to the sound room. “And we can show them in more of an actual experience than a bunch of black boxes sitting on counters. We decided we’re going to build these racks, show user experiences that in real life you can do with RTI.”

Like URC, RTI was hearing its dealers talk about commercial success with interface and A/V command, plus multiviewer configuration functionalities, that work ideally in bars/restaurants, corporate offices, campuses, etc. “It’s sort of a natural progression that you get pulled into the commercial side.,” Stokke notes, pointing to the “So You Want to Build a Sports Bar” vignette in the RTI room. “But countless dealers have come in here, and you sort of envision RTI as a resi control system when in actuality a lot of guys are coming in from the other direction – ‘No, we install this exclusively commercial’ because you can get so custom with the software.”

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‘Resimercial’ Products & Messaging Resonate at CEDIA Expo