CE Pro Podcast #142: ‘Video Guys’ on Why These Are ‘the Best of Times’

Our expert ‘Video Guys’ – Jason Dustal of Murideo, Joel Silver of Imaging Science Foundation, and Robert Zohn of Value Electronics – rejoin CE Pro Podcast to address latest displays, processing, basic setup tweaks, and demo recommendations.

May 15, 2023

Sony SRS-XV800 Speaker

Offering homeowners an affordable way to entertain themselves, as well as large gatherings at their homes, Sony has announced its new SRS-XV800 speaker. Designed to serve users in a number of ways, the global electronics company’s new speaker s

May 08, 2023

Products Sony

Sony MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor Headphones

Complementing its newly announced 360VME spatial audio software solution, Sony has announced its new MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor Headphones. Developed for content creators that includes sound engineers, the newly announced headphones employ an open-bac

May 04, 2023

Sony Introduces 360VME Immersive Audio Technologies

Sony's newly announced 360VME technologies help content creators to create enveloping immersive audio content through the use of space-friendly headphones as monitors.

May 01, 2023

Sony Pro Introduces BVM-HX3110 4K HDR Monitor

At the NAB 2023 show Sony Electronics announced its BVH-HX3110 4K HDR Monitor, which it says complements its popular BVM-HX310 display.

Apr 13, 2023